Ok, Enough hate mail.

I usually just laugh at this stuff, but im getting pretty sick of it, here is the latest one in my inbox from Leos4Life:

Esks suck + UR A FAG

“WTF is ure problem go back to eskimo land u stupid @ss nobody likes you i hope you die”

You know buddy, you are exactly what is wrong with the world today.


agreed. That is ridiculous

Go Riders!!

You can’t really blame him though… being dropped on your head repeatedly as a child would make you violent and angry as well… and a little slow. I mean he cheers for the Lios… jk :slight_smile:

Go Riders!!

…GEG…let a mod know or PM straight to CFL.pm if this kind of crap continues…this is harrassment and you don’t need to put up with it…if this loser isn’t man enough to say it in the open forum he ain’t man enough to be here with us…

Please forward all harassing email to me. If necessary I will report this person to the authorities as well as have them banned.


that sucks man… I as a Lions fan apologise for the inappropriate comments by a fellow Lions fan…

But… if you expect respect from others you have to give respect too… and making a post telling a guy thats 280lbs to “pick up Dr.Phils Ultimate weight loss solution” so he “can get real and own all your problems.” is just as disrespectfull… and even though it was not that man that made those comments to you… if you are going to dish it out… you better expect to get some in return

Could be worse, Chronic. Past couple of games, the nutbars in my section have been trying to get me to take my Argo jersey off. I can understand doing it to get the fans in a frenzy, but only one slight prob: I’m a 290+ lb. dude. They pretty much corked it when I uttered the infamous Fat Bastard line (complete with hokey Scottish accent), “I want you to rub my belly.”

We don’t need this crap here. We should be able to heckle each other in good fun, but that kind of comments and harrasment need to reported…Send it to the mods.