Ok.....Edmonton is next......so what's the plan?

We can't roll over and I'm so glad we have a fresh opponent instead of all these Argo games....

Where do we attack?....the line?....or the secondary ?

...they must have a weakness we can exploit....

any ideas?

Bench Maas. Win at all costs. Always go for it on 3rd down. No penalties. Scoe touchdowns. Get First downs.

It would be nice if he could not underthrow his receivers.


Dunno, mikey , when you say you dont care if Hamilton scores another TD for the rest of the year sounds pretty much like rolling over to me.

ok Ticats just played two back to back games against the best pass prevent d in cfl. - say no more

note to Zontar.....I said i will be satisfied to see improvement......so what is your suggestion as to how we can show improvement against Edmonton?

I think we should blitz like hell to throw them off their game plan.

..and go after their punter to block kicks...

If you care about improvement how can there be improvement without TDs?
Like a dog chasing its tail your posts make no sense at all.

Re: Next game.
If Ham's D plays well like last week and they eliminate turnovers, they should be competetive. Since Maas is unreliable on the long stuff, they had better have Holmes going.

ooops..almost forgot.....I think Edmonton is susceptible to the return game.....if we set up proper blocking, the lanes should be there for our returners.......this would be great for field position...

any other ideas out there?.....I'm tapped out right now...

make darn sure(no stupid out of the play)penalties- throw deep early and often who knows, :rockin: :cowboy:

punt on 1st down.
Cuts down on the turnovers.( at least on paper)

I agree, what we need is fresh meat!!
It will be a nice change to lose to someone else this week.

Sad, but true.

How about sitting Maas down and starting Williams? What's the worse that can happen? Not scoring a TD? Multiple turn-overs? Losing the game? We have all that now.

Conversely, maybe we show some resemblance of a football team and create some hope for 2007?

I'll refer back to Einstein's definition of insanity: doing the same thing but expecting a different result.

If Maas plays the whole game on Saturday, what indications do we have a victory is remotely possible?

any ideas?

Score a TD...?

Surely we'll get a couple of TD's ...

attack their Oline, it looks as though its given up, even in the win over calgary it didn't seem to be in the game.

whether its through bringing the safety or the corners or just plain old sending more than they can block, get pressure at the point of attack and eliminate their offensive start.

dont give Ray time or options
he's an effective QB, and has shown he can make plays happen.

Shut down tucker.
we did it to Bruce this week for the most part, tucker is better, but if young or cody or fingers crossed goss... can hold him to limited gains it should take care of edmonton's offense.

on offense, go with what works, run the left side of the field, make good decisions and like Darren kept going on about stack the receivers, give maas a chance to make a play. he seems to be regaining his confidence so run with it!



:lol: funny :lol:

altho.. technically "punting" is a turnover...lol

Am agreeing with Espo. Our D can overpower Edmonton in most if not all aspects.

A balanced attack on offence, using Holmes and Radlein, with Ranek, if he's fit to come back at that point.

Sort out who is properly employed inside (Morreale, Holmes if not at RB, Vaughan) and pick a couple for outside plays, and get over mispositioning players.

"How about sitting Maas down and starting Williams? "

I agree..let's start Williams. Besides which...Edmonton will not have much film on him to know how to play him.

" Since Maas is unreliable on the long stuff, they had better have Holmes going."

Why do you want to stick with Maas? Heck if you just want him in there to hand off the ball....I could do that for slightly less money that they are paying Maas. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whats the plan?

Muscle relaxants in their Gatorade?