Ok Dad I waited no response!

OK bomber fans thats here it! What went wrong? Chuckle! Blink loses the belt to a guy who says he does not care yet now he is leading in rushing! Except for one 12 yard run and the two yard plunge for a TD he was not in the game! Yes Calgary had a big lead and took Roberts out of the game! But then what happen to Turtleman! Best Defense in the leage :lol: :lol: Back to the drawing board boys! Just maybe next game at least I hope they show up! Did I not tell you those DB's are a joke! :lol:

SON...it ain't over till its over.....maybe we can put something together resembling an offence.....you can only expect the 'd' to do so much.....and even they last heart toward the end of that one....i believe we have some corrective measures to make.....and who knows in the CFL.....HERE'S HOPING... :roll: :lol:

The offensive line looked confused as well as the defensive line! They just could not put it together! They looked like one beaten frustrated team. This might be a hard one to get over! Blink and Stegal were not factors of the game. I stated all they need to do is take those two guys out of the game and it will be a long night! Blink got the TD but was ineffective!

...overall it was a 'we might as well stayed home and mailed the 2 points game'...i had a feeling with little preparation time and playing a team of the stamps calibre....We didn't have anything going for us...and playing a backup against a starter ....gives us a distinct disadvantage....sooooooo ...i guess we'll lick our wounds....and head back to the drawing board....before the drawing board disappears.......and incidentally my son...i did pick the stamps to win in Big Daves Virtual Grey Cup Challenge this week.... i could see this one coming..... :lol:

.....its never easy being on the losing end papa........gracious responses to rw05's pokes....

....what a cold cold game....had to leave early....frozen....

Ya we had a bad road game, lucky for us only 27 Stamp fans at the game....and I thought those cowpokes were tough..See you in the Peg, Stumps...Go Bombers

The Bombers looked like the team they fielded last year... the D is on the field way too much and an offence that is run by a back-up QB at best. They did play well last week against us, but reverted back to form against the Stamps. Maybe they will play better at home, congrats to the Stamps on the win.

Fragile, just like their qb, when it starts to go bad there is no turning back, even though the season is far from over its time to start grooming someone else for the starting job at qb. Taman has failed miserably in that department despite having several years to prepare for it.

"Only" 27 thousand fans? I'd like to see 27 thousand fans show up at CanadInns when the weather is like that and the opposition is a team nobody cares about. It's not like it was the schmoes or the Lions in town you know.

That was nuts. It looked like a playoff game...minus the playoff game. :wink:

Dad is a great guy of course I would expect nothing less from him!

True but close to 28,000 tickets sold so! Lots of bombers fans there but that would be a mild day for them do you not thing

Did I not say this before and did I not get laughed at by some of you bomber fans! Taman knew this year would be important for the bombers did he really improve this team! Yes but not by much IMO.

Well I can tell you I was out in the Canmore area and it rained, turned to snow. So you get wet then you freeze lots of fun! The dogs worked well turned into four legged popcicles!

Well, we'll see what the peg can drum up for the playoffs. It'll be nice for you guys to see the playoffs since it's been 3 years now that you've been out of it. Last playoff game was a loss to Saskatchewan in Winnipeg during Keith's breakout game in the 03 western semi. A day a lot of Winnipeg fans would like to forget, but it was your last playoff game and all x_x. I know for me 2002 was a great year finally seeing the Riders back in a playoff game after too many years of dreadful seasons finishing 3-15 in the basement watching Reggie Slack sit coked up and embarrass our team to no end.

And with the EE losing to Hamilton you guys can rest easier. Even in a losing season you still gotta be happy that you'll make the playoffs finally.