OK Bombers I did this last and will do it again

Nothing would make me more happy to see the Bombers Kick Rider butt two games in a row. With Bishop starting this should be relatively easy. Go Bombers Go!

PS remember dad this is for the next two games only! Be sure you put the 5 bucks in the mail.

...We'll sure give it a shot my son,....Bishop can be dangerous once he gets the play-book figured out....and that could be two games into next year....goBigBlue...

ps you should be sending you dear ol dad money...lol

Crandall will start b/c he always plays well against the Bombers, as we all know.

Unless the winds are gusting at 80 km/hr, Bishop will be a non-factor. He may only see limited action on Labour Day if Crandall is doing well.

Sorry RW...get used to second place and maybe third after your back to back with Edmonton. Although the West is so tough who knows what will happen down the stretch...all great teams. Should be fun! I just think too many people have been selling the Riders short. Cheers.

TrueBlue, Crandell will not be part of the Riders as a player come game time. Bishop or Jyles will be starting (likely Bishop) and Durrant will not likely see any action in either game. Crandell has been "given time off" and has not been at practice all week. The only way I can see him staying a Rider is in some sort of Coaching Role.

....maybe Crandell can remain as a mentor for Bishop...giving him an insight and basics of the game like he did for Durant...that should gurantee Marcus a job for the next 5 yrs....oh how i luv Labour Day .... :lol:

i thought bishop already got the go for labor day. and if so big mistake. thats the highest pressure game the riders have each year. if they put him in he has this one and only shot to make it in riderville.