Ok all you lurkers

Common guys.
There are at least 100 unregestered user here at all times.
Sign up and say something. We need new arguments to hold us over till the new season starts

Hehe.....looking for friends, 1313? :lol:

no, arguments :roll:

I'm sure Kanga will argue with you if you ask nicely..... :slight_smile:

Oh no!
Forgot about him
Where's the delete button?
Where's the delete button?

War! what is it go for? Abouslotly nothing!

I rather not fight with anybody on here.

but back to the topic at hand, I agree, c'mon guys, sign up and say something! We aren't gonna bite you! .... much....

its good for, not go for. Because it go's for quite a bit. Billions upon billions I believe. not to mention lives and all of that unimportant stuff.

I'm new to the forum. I have been a CFL fan all my life - BC Lions. I grew up in B.C. but moved to the states to attend college and have stayed here ever since. I have attended every Grey Cup game since '94 (except the last one in Regina) - the game in '95 was cold enough for me and I had no plans on reliving the experience. I have been reading this forum and have found that most of you know your football which makes for interesting reading and lots of laughs. I will try to contribute on subjects that I know and will keep my hands off the key board on matters that I don't understand or care about. I look forward to the debates and fun but for now I must head off to Seattle.

Way to go, 1313.....you've successfully converted a lurker!!

I have problems with the login, many times the password is erased by the next day I register (even thath I click to save it), so I prefer to read the topics only and only participate when Kanga suggestions are to weild (as he calls them).

I actually had to send a couple emails to uhm, someone anyways to finally get registered. I tried at least half a dozen times, gave up for a while, and then finally someone got back to me with a password that has worked, well till they read this and revoke it. :slight_smile:

In my opinion, if you're participating only when Kanga's weild suggestions come up, that would still put you here pretty much daily. :slight_smile:

welcome, whoisyourdaddy?! I love the forum name!

I'm on here alot, but their are days when I don't get on and times when I just type one long post.

it's is good to know I have my fans out there! Drumheller! 8) Sorry to here about the password, some computers it works, and some they don't.

When are there days that you are not on???

And then when you come back on you post 50 times. most nonsense. ever heard the old saying quaility not quanity??

Today was almost one.

And the whole saskargo vs. Priders (which seems to have taken an off-season hiatus due to the holidays) isn't argumentative enough for ya?