OJ Santiago signed by Montreal

Montreal signing a Tight End....very interesting...


36 year old tight end too.

he'll be cut.

Ok Killer we'll take your word over Trestman's LMAO !

Montreal don't use a tight end do they? I don't remember seeing one recently.

We haven't had a full time tight end since Nick Arakgi.

The last two years with Deslauriers’ non contribulation to the offense, I have often thought that a big tight end would be an improvement- we needed a player who could block and be big enough to push and shove his way into a short receiving role. We now have such a player in Santiago. He has not played in a couple of years and one has to wonder if he is fit enough to earn a spot on the team. It appears this is a typical Popp accomplishment- to search out and find a tight end for the team who can play this position and, is a Canadian to boot! I gather Popp has checked out his physical attributes and has found Santiago fills the bill! He is the same age As Calvillo and Cahoon and is certainly experienced enough to contribute to the team. I respect Popp’s opinion that he can contribute to the Als. I am hoping that Santiago is one of those hidden jems that Popp acquires from time to time.

Like you never say similar statements, give the guy a break.

The Als use extra protection sets with Brodeur-Jourdain lining up as a tight end. With Santiago in that role you have the threat of him slipping out as a potential receiver. Im looking forward to it. As for his age, hes a young pup compared to Ben.

I would be surprised with the reappearance of the TE it makes no sense, the FB is better use in the CFL, in fact some college TE can and have been used as FB.

I like KIM she just makes me laugh a lot. like making a case for Mike Kelly to replace Popp, that was her best of the week IMO.

Its not because he was a TE in the the NFL that is the position he will be tried at in Montreal. Brouillette was a QB in College and he will try at safety.

What we have is a very athletic NI jumbo size player with good hands and lot of experience. He has taken very good care of himself and a great attitude so being 36 is not a problem no more than Cahoon or Calvillo being 38 and 37. Trestman is not going to bring a guy to camp on a championship team to waste his time. I think he has as good a chance to make it as anybody and if I was Eric Deslaurier, I would show up in the best shape of my life.

Kelly for Popp yeah agree classic.
But IIRC it was Popp bringing him, and they bring many to camp, and few make it, no guarantee that he has spot, we will see.

X2... I am not saying he's the next Nick Arakgi or Tony Gabriel but this is a guy who has a similar lifestyle to Ben Cahoon and was on Trestman's Oakland Raiders/Gannon offense. I would not call the guy "fodder" because of his age. Maybe I'ts cause I am in that age group too :lol:

Well lets be honest his chances of making the team are slim, most guys usually start on ST, you think he would for that? i somehow doubt he would be interested at his age, so he has to make it on the roster as either backup or starter. That makes it difficult for him IMO.

He can play on cover teams and I can see him being used in the red zone. That is an area where the Als had some difficulties at times last year a big body like that would give Calvillo and Trestman a LOT of flexibility in those situation.

Really I think it will come down to how quickly he can make it click with Calvillo. If he can do it inside a couple weeks he'll make the team if the coaching staff figure it will take two years for him to get up to speed, he will not make it.

The Als haven't drafted one receiver since Trestman has been on board with the exception of a late pick for Terry Firr...

Carter does the job well, i am not sure how much more whe would bring. TC will tell us.

I'm curious to see how all this is going to work too. Training camp is 11 days ! followed by four of five weeks on the road. Crazy stuff. I guess the Als wanted to pad themselves in the event stadium contrruction fell behind, let's hope it dows not cost them some players or even their chance at a repeat...