Oilers win!!!

Yeah let's go Oilers!!!! Great effort by the Oilers to play the entire 3rd period in the box and come away with the OT win. Oilers win, Canucks lose!

Hockey is back, the Oilers are back!!!
Everything is good in western Canada.

The Oilers victory was awsome. I think they'll go really far this year. Go Oilers GO!!!

I read in several articles that Kevin Lowe was convinced at the end of the 2003-2004 season that the Oilers were only two players (a good defenseman and a good centre) away from being a serious contender...

Time will tell if Lowe really knows what he's doing...

Markkanen was amazing in the shoot out. I say give him the start from here on!

oil on a 5 game win streak, awesome hockey being played...

pffff oilers..... go sens and habs!

WOW you guys have already given up on your football team.lol

They have A.D.D.
But that's what happens when you lose to a underdog...
It is nice to have hockey back, I missed it. I just got Tickets to the New Years Eve game. Going to be a great one I am sure
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the oilers suck bigtime and all, but are they so cheap they can't pony up for their own fanzone? Gave peca all the ca$h. Nice ROI.


boy you must be from the hills, you are so daft, wow never have i seen a dumber post.

Your not looking very hard then
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