Oil Bowl

Let's hope for a well played game.Looks good so far

The Oil Bowl sponsored by Embridge

Crowd looks really big despite the bad weather?

Great to see the large crowd. Apparently the Eskimos have drawn just a little over 4,000 less fans per game this year than last. This should help that stat :thup:

The rivalry already has a name. Dubbed back in the 80s: North vs South - the Uncivil War. :thup:

Actually, I wonder if its the Riders or the Eskimos that have drawn the most fans so far this year. The Riders took the title a couple years back after pretty much a decade of Edmonton ownership of that particular title

Kinda like the sounds of that better than the Oil Bowl :thup:

However, I do wonder why you don't really see the media calling this game anything but the "labour day rematch" which is unfortunate

Are you kidding me? Calgary throws Jefferson into the kicker and the official throws a flag? Someone needs to find himself in the unemployment line tomorrow.

...that was awesome

Edmonton 9 Kim Murphy 7

Disgraceful. This happens almost every game.

Lawrence is starting to p!ss me off. Sit him on the bench for a while.

This is a joke right? They snapped the ball for the next play and Murphy STOPPED THAT PLAY FOR A REVIEW??????????? Once the ball has snapped on the next play you can not review. Murphy needs to be FIRED!!!!!!!

They are giving this game to Calgary.

Kim Murphy 10 Edmonton 9

Now now, Lawrence is doing his part, too. He started off the season playing well, but he's done now. Get him off the field.

I just lost interest in this game.

Yeah, I might read a book if this doesn't improve.

Well this last three minutes has become a flag fest - one on every play - at least :thdn: :oops: :roll:

That was one of the weakest PI calls this season. If that's what constitutes PI now then this is flag football.

Reilly looked like he was getting a bit desperate on that last throw - way over the head of the receiver and forced to punt.

I'm staying to see what the panel has to say because you know Forde and Black are too stupid to realize they are what garbage. I'm not coming back for the second half.

Haven't made it through a full game since week 2.