Ohhh, Kirsten....

...game day, honey. Get your mean on! Going with a bunch of Bombers fans...who'd of thunk they had any.

OMG, I thnk I'm still drunk....

C'mon Argo-nuts...who's going to the game??

yeah i think you are too.

Don't be like that...I just love "game day"...I know it's hard to love "game day" if you're a Bombers fan...it's usually a painful experience...but miracles DO happen.

hey don't treat her like that sorry for his bad behavior, LOL pretty funny though! and yes your forsure Drunk!

All in fun, my friend...and thatnks, doc for the diagnosis. It's official...Moses is still plowed from his weekend exploits...I wonder if my fiance's still wearing the ring...

yes id agree ... still DRUNK. gotta wonder though huh moses???

'bout what?

about the ring, i was just kidding HAHA

cheeky monkey…Abigail will wear that ring with pride “'til death do us part”. Took me 35 years to get the jumba’s to realize I wanted to marry…another 40 years of taking out the trash shouldn’t be too hard…it’s just that now I’ve got someone to tell me to do it. 8)

haha im a jerk, i was jk, well congrats and wish you all the best!

Enough about this sentimental jumbalaya...I'm welling up...and it's game day...get your "mean" on, Kirsten! :wink:

I think this is as mean as she can get. :?

yeah. go bombers. kick some argo butt. kirsten's gonna be happy with the butt kickin for sure. i hope it doesn't make the argo drunk fans cry to lose.

lol! third and ten you havent seen nothing yet!

........I dunno Miss K, I'm with the boys on this one.....you'd be a hellcat in a pillowfight, but none of that bare knuckle type stuff, might break your nails........c'mon, get mean girl, spittin mean at those argonut fans.............

might break my nails?! lol btw! i dont have any nails toooo break! god damn you people! i can get mean!!!!!!!! :evil: lol

I'm Sure You'll Be Mighty Mean After The Argos Hand Your Bombers Another Loss. To Bad The Bombers Can't Get Mean, Other Wise They Might Actually Start Winning Some Games.

On A Side Note, I Like The Drunk Moses (One Sentence I Never Thought I'd Say) I Think This Is The Nicest We've Ever Seen You.