Oh Yeah.....

.....'nuf said....

Damn right.

I missed the game (another freakin wedding) but by the score you put the boots to em…first place in the west congrats…

Probably the 2nd best beating of the season in the cfl!

Congrats you guys looked much better than in weeks 1 & 2. Great adjustments at half time too.

Burris: 3 Saskatchewan: 0

Nice game to watch, its about time our offense executed.

Burke Dales did a nice job selling that fake punt, I couldn’t stop laughing :lol:

Congrats to Calgary, you just outplayed us in almost everything.

Danny Barrett had a funny quote in his post game interview. He said if the game have been played in Calgary the horse would have had a heart attack with all the running it would have had to do....

The Riders weren't beaten, they were SPANKED!!

i saw a commercial for the game nfl head coach where he said fake punts never work. we showed him.

I can see his point, it is really hard to execute a fake punt.

I remember last year Higgins went for the same play, but Brian Clark dropped the ball. I'm glad he was able to execute this time.

That's right too.. I forgot about that. But I won't forget about this. :slight_smile:

Hey Red....Remember Bill Good Senior's great quote.... Can I use it?

Was Calgary that good?


Was Saskatchewan that bad?

I was at the game and the first half showed good football from both teams. The second half,however, looked as out of hand as snail racing a airplane :lol:

Probably looking in the mirror at the same time!!

ahahahhhah...hahahah...hahahah....heh, heh, he.....(that was my eight year old neice's comment).....

Hey Redwhite...pretty bad when your 8 year old niece has to come up with your comebacks! You need SERIOUS help!!!!

....actually, thats a pretty good shot, I'll give you that one...

....but in all seriousness, try to talk some football now, you haven't impressed anyone so far in your few newbie posts, but maybe that's your goal here......

'Dariderfan', I feel sorry for you.

Don't worry, once the Riders lose horribly to the Lions tonight, he'll be done with us and move on to the Lions forum. I'm sure some of the Lion fans will get a laugh out of this guy :lol:

OK ok I do have to admit The Riders D couldn't handle you guys at all, hell the riders only forced a punt twice and calgary had one sucessfull fake and one put, that is insane. Altho the rider offence did look good but you can't win games when the game for the other team is trying to get 60 points.

Get over it the riders suqed this game! Look forward to the next mercy kill! :lol:

.....every team is going to have their bad day boon, your offnse was ticking not badly at all but you're right, when you can't stop the other team from doing their thing it's gonna come down to the last man standing.....