Oh what a night!

Last night was a great night... the beer just tasted better...

Just when the Montreal defence needed to regain confidence...

... Duane Butler, fumble recovery, touchdown!...
... Almondo Curry, endzone interception...
... Duane Butler, another fumble recovery...
... Kelly Malveaux, interception...
... Kevin Johnson, fumble recovery...
... James Withley, looong interception...
... Kelly Malveaux, another interception...

And this is not counting two other fumbles that the Riders managed to retain.

Man, it was good to be an Als last night.

Robert Edwards - Could you imagine if that guy had been the starting runner since the begining of the season? Before last night, he had a 7 yards per carry average. Last night, he ran for 147 yards in only 13 touches! That's a 11,3 yards per carry average.

Can you imagine the damage that guy could do in a run-oriented team? I hope he keeps the job when Lapointe comes back (though Lapointe should still get the 2nd and short assignments).

Duane Butler - In all the recent bad games played by the Alouettes, Duane Butler is about the only guy (along with Karikari) who never stoped trying and giving his best. Last night, his efforts were rewarded. Who's the defensive player of the week? Yeah! I know, other teams still have to play, but that performance will be hard to beat.

Daaaaaaaaaaamon Duuuuuuuuuval ! - I was so impressed by our kicker last night. Damn! Coffin corner after coffin corner, always punting the ball out of bounds at maximum distance. It was like having Noel Prefontaine on the field! And what about a kickoff of 95 yards and another one of 80? It was like having John Ryan on the field!

Watching him play, I even had a thought for our friends in Ottawa. I could hear them say "We need one just like that too". The irony of it is we discovered him because we traded them our former starting kicker (the one that played Cyclops' part in the movie X-Men).

Almondo Curry - IN-YOUR-FACE Don Matthews! When the game was still thight and the Riders had a chance at scoring a major and stay confident, who saved your ass? That's right! The guy you benched for five games because of your vendetta.

Curry must stay on te field. We need aware DBs like he his.

Mike Vilimek - Nothing extraordinaire to say. I just think he's great and I love watching him play. Go BC boy!

Calenders salesgirl - DAMN was she hot last night with her eyes deep as a pool of liquid pearls and her teared shorts... Gahhhhahh...

In all, it just was a fun night. For once. The last Als victory dating back from July 8th, we had to win last night to avoid an over-a-month-drough.

This morning is a great morning... the coffee just taste better...

Ok, ok, the Als played like the Als of old I have to admit but with Cahoon a goner for a while, this could spell trouble for the Als, this guy is as good as they come and the Als will miss him for sure.

…3/10, are you on cloud nine or what!?..looks like your als are back in the saddle, looking for argomeat to feed upon…

To some degree, i don't think the Als played that well... it was almost as though the Riders completely self-destructed. Granted... to beat any team 42 - 13 you have to play well... but the Riders seemed to give them the ball at every opportunity... like interceptions on the 2 yard line... etc.

Good game for the Als ... TERRIBLE game for the Riders


Regardell of the score and who they were playing, The defence played far better last night.

Much less missed tackles and being bruned by open recievers.

BTW there were a couple of amazing catchs by the sack recievers last night

Next up ............the ARGOS at our house..........and lets hope the ARGOS can catch the ball and not have 7 turn overs.

I agree with cflforums. The Als did not have a spectacular game, especially on offense. Yes, Edwards did have a great game, but Calvillo did not look that great.

The thing I can't understand is how the Riders continue to lose while bettering the opposing team in most statistical categories. I guess it is because it is the Riders and a person can never expect the Riders to have the finishing ability that other teams have.

All I can say is that last night's game was disgusting to watch from a Rider fan's perspective. Congrats to the Als for taking advantage of all of those Rider turnovers. The Als definitely deserved the win due to their lack of stupid mistakes. I am just glad that Calvillo was not on fire last night or the score could have been a lot worse.

Good job Als..... Boo Riders!

Nah. Let's hope Ottawa wins this week and the Als win at Rogers Center. Then we'll have an amazing three-way tie at the top of the division. That would be quite exciting. Such fights usually happen at the bottom of divisions.

What's the update on Allen's ankle?

Hats off to Montreal. I didn't see the game (prior obligations, and all that junk), but I can only imagine how quickly the wheels fell off the Rider train with that first touchdown by the Als. Congrats on the game, guys!

ALLEN , will be ready for the MONTREAL game.

The ARGOS will be rested ............and at home.

Montreal may not have CAHOON........because the DON didn't learn from last years final regular season game against the ARGOS.

Sorry I dont follow your point
What happened in last years final reg season game?

........apparently The Don didn't learn........

Montreal, played all of their starters for almost the whole game vs. the ARGOS and they blew us out by 60 points…the ARGOS were resting their best players.When A.C. went down in the EAST FINAL, the ALS back up Q.B. …had very little game experience, because A.C. played almost the whole game.

DON…almost did the same thing… vs… SASK , this year…and CAHOON, got hurt. I hope he is O.K. , he is won of my fav players , [ARGO or not]

I think that may hurt them against the ARGOS at the R.C. next week.

…but surely hello you can’t take ALL the starters off the field once the score gets outta hand…I don’t think is was so much The Don making a mistake than just a bad coincidence…

ottawa will beat hamilton tomorrow
argos will beat montreal next week....

toronto bc
ottawa edmonton
montreal after next weeks games calgary
hamilton sask

First of all

Second of all as I mention is the post called Don is an idiot
Well maybe if a team has a 23 point lead going into the 4th quarter, it could be concidered a victory and the team could take it's starters out. right Ottawa fans??

The game is never over and Ottawa did a fine job of showing that to the Als a few weeks ago.

Ooh, I can see it now. "Ladies and gentlemen, it appeared as though the Riders were about to send Ottawa packing, but with only five minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Rens put together an amazing string of touchdowns to overcome a 49 point deficit. It's unprecedented!!"

They amazed us once, they can do it again.

sarcasm???? :?

Sort of, but with a huge vein of truth running in it. Don't get me wrong - I'm still praying to St. Bobby of Jurasin for a win next week, but if the past has shown me anything about those two teams, it's that the Riders know how to lose a game, and lose it hard, and the Renegades know how to come from behind.

This may sound crazy, but I think it’s a matter of experience.

The Renegades are used to trailing in a game, so they never feel like they should hurry things up. They just play their game. Teams that are used to being in the lead tend to panic when things don’t work right away.