oh well....

…i was surprised at how well that rag-tag of a defence played…it could have been a helluva lot worse…Stokes has got to hold on to the ball…teams just wait for him to make that extra effort and they knock the ball out…offence stunk it out today…guess we’ll have to do this again in T.O…UNLESS the Riders, who have nothing to prove beat the Argos…and the Bombers get some people back for the last game against the Als. ;;; i think that’s all she wrote…i doubt whether this team can win a game at the centre of the universe…the Grey Cup apppearance looks very ‘iffy’ at this time… :roll: :wink:

The only thing worse than the Bombers offence today was the Argos even their kicker was stinkier than ours. If we hadn't given them 14 points on special team screw ups we would have won that game 5-2. One of the worst games I've ever seen

I was there in person, hammerbutt, and you are bang on correct. "One of the worst games I've ever seen" hits it on the nail exactly.

I was impressed with our depleted D....Roberts would have made a huge difference in this game....we'll be alright...Go Bombers.

The offence struggled, again. Fix it and it will be a cake walk to the GC, don't and we probably go down in a similar fashion as today.

Looks like we have been fine tuning all year. Still have one game to get it all together. Just seems that there is always one thing. This week the kicking was not good well besides everybody everybody handling the football like a hot patato. I think that Westwood could have done better. This week, we get it all together for a great show. We're due.