Oh well another loss again!!!

Oh well this team was looking good a few weeks ago in second spot, now back in the basement of the East with Toronto at least until we here from the Winterpeg/BC game.

It just seems to be the never ending story for the Tiger-Cats,every season it comes down to certain receivers who can't catch the football and hold on to it Bauman in previous years and McDaniel this year (I can't believe they let Chris Davis go in favor of this guy) and this team can't catch a break if they tried.

If Winnipeg wins it could be another lights out this year for the Cats, unless Hamilton decides to win the remaining three games, even than, it could be too far gone for this season, a year that will be remembered as giving your back up QB the starters job over your true number one guy in Kevin Glenn. Some how this team always, always shoots itself in the foot, remember Hamilton did let AC go, oh well if not this year always next year with the Ti-Cats?????

Sorry, but I saw the Tiger Cats play a very inspired game. Boys came out fired up and played well enough to win. Once again we left 21 points on the field and could have won the game. In any event I like the no quit attitude and the fact the Cats actually showed they wanted to play hard and win the game. The fumble by McDaniel was the clincher...............

I saw the same thing but i don't think Mc daniel was a clincher !! who to say what happens if he doesnt have the ball striped .Would they have scored . But every else you said right on the money . After last week they have showed that you can fight threw adversity faster then you and your fans think ...Even with the lost i seen many many great things ...

If this team plays like this for the remaining games they will win those games. I just hope THEY realize that. The only thing I would like to see from this team is the secondary play as physical on the opposing teams receivers as the opposing DB's are on our receivers. Quite frankly how the Als didn't get more PI calls I'll never know. Pulling down on McDaniels arm when the ball is arriving????? If our DB's had of done that sure as hell they would have been called.

It still probably wont be enough, unless we beat out the crossover team

Your QB passes for almost 500 yards and 3 TDs and you're blaming receivers? How about spreading some of that blame to your defense, which gave up 5 TDs, including 2 passing TDs to our backup quarterback, who'd never even played a full quarter of regular-season CFL football prior to today?

Same old stuff, don't blame this, can't blame that, receivers did the best job they could, maybe an inspired win but we should have been saying that when we played Montreal at home a few weeks ago a came away with a win at least we wouldn't be chasing the hope that we can make the playoffs if Winnipeg self destructs?? We always hope someone else in the CFL bails us out rather than being a team that determines their own destiny!!

VERY PROUD OF THE WAY WE PLAYED :thup: 500 PLUS YOU CAN'T COMPLAIN :rockin: Big Lesson learned Porter is going to have to ride the clipboard like any other 2nd string in this league TIME TO BITE THE BULLET........................

Cybercat...are you kidding me...you'd take Davis over McDaniels. What are smoking :cowboy:
Our db's let us down today IMHO. The O played great...and that's including McDaniels.
Let's give credit when credit's due, we had over 500 yds passing against the best defence in the league. I, for one, am optimistic about our last 3 games and the playoff picture. Having said that, I sure wasn't last week at this time.

This loss is nothing to be ashamed of. They played hard and never stopped.

Remember last year we were ready to mosey on up to our igloos to do some ice fishing right about now...and the year before that...and the year before that...and the year before that...and the year before...U get the picture.

this is a young and competitive team that no one gave a ghost of chance of winning today and they came THAAAAAATTTTT close.

So quit the gripping- lets see you all at the Riders game..we owe them that much.

Believe me Ive been more than critical of these boys these last few years and -as some of you can see in my posts --- I havent held back my criticism...when it is due... my memory about the cats goes back fifty years and I sense this is the same kind of team that we had the year Barrow and the boys from New York came to pay a visit...and stayed and we called that the Dynasty and the Golden Years of Jungle Jim and Ralph Sazio..

I salute their efforts .....I think Marcel and his coaches deserve credit for remotivating the team.

PS thank you BC
and thank you Nick Setta for focusing on what matters

at the end of the day these rants are just so much hot air by some overstuffed couch potatoes(myself included) Great Game....Lets make sure it has motivated us to do better
repeat after me,....Argos :thdn: uck.

Still in 2nd, believe it or not.


Just got back from the game.

The "goat" today was McDaniels. That play was at least a 10 point swing. We are going to get 3 on the FG but instead we give up 7 the other end. This was a play where he has to realize that he needs to wrap up the football and go to the ground.

For some reason Montreal wasn't blitzing a lot today. It just seemed like they were playing man coverage and just rushing their down lineman.

The Cat really need to establish the run early.

Our defense needs a better rush and force more turnovers.

Bo Smith needs to go. I was watching him in warmups and he gets beat even then!

Cooper you must have watched a different game, Montreal was blitzing all day. They couldn't get to Glenn because he got rid of the ball very quick. Or he was rolling out when he needed too.
Doc 8)

I was there and didn't really notice it that much. I think the line played very well yesterday and yes, Glenn did get rid of the ball quick.

I did find that Montreal's defense didn't have the intensity that they had when they were here a month ago.

Amazing what a different quarter back will do to ones preception of the other team.