oh to have such attendance woes


57,000 though for that franchise is low .

The NFL with the smaller venues is coming back to where they should be in size .

Too high up in any sport whether hockey or football I have no interest sitting that far away .

…it’s relatively low…

…Metro DC’s population is 6.1M, versus say Calgary’s metro area at 1.2M…if the stamps have an average attendance of 27K, that represents 2.25% of the population base…for DC it’s coming in at 0.93%, that’s low in comparison…it’s like Toronto low haha…

It’s HDTV that killing the in stadium experience.

Let’s see…

I can sit in a comfy chair, have a bathroom to myself, have unlimited snacks, not have to worry about the weather, and see the game on a 60 inch high def screen that gives me a better picture than the live game experience.


I can spent $75 for a ticket, sit on a hard seat that makes my butt fall asleep, pay $10 for a pieces of pizza and pop, have someone pee on my shoes as I stand next to him at the urinal, and get burnt in the sun.

Not much of a choice at all.

Hey, when you’re on a retirement salary that isn’t that much, believe me, and your wife isn’t working any longer, one thing that can go the way of the dodo bird is tickets for live entertainment, sports, music, movies whatever. I still need my beer of course and I can drink it nicely in front of my HDTV and have a great “in home game experience”. :wink:

Exactly. Hard to compete against that.

…don’t discount the stadium experience…I’ve been to Century Link a few times now and to be in a stadium with over 70,000 crazy loud fans and Russell Wilson is doing his Russell Wilson thing is awesome…

Last time I went to a Bills game, I was vomited on - that would NOT happen at home.

I have no interest in going to NFL games.

Don’t get me wrong, if money wasn’t an issue where I had to make choices as I mention, I would definitely go to more live entertainment events, no question. And interest and time issues as well.

...lol, sorry to hear of this

...these bills games sound positively medieval...

The woman behind us came in drunk and continued to drink throughout the game. In the 3rd quarter, she vomited on myself, my dad and my brother. We left shortly after.

I would have sued her

Meh. I survived. :slight_smile:

…she was hot wasn’t she, and this tempered your disgust…

I would have asked her out

A new downtown or near downtown stadium probably covered that would attract a higher-end type of crowd is something I’m sure the Pegulas would love to see to see a classier type of fanbase. The Bills have an image of a bunch of fans, a lot of them mind you, of drunks going to a parking lot to drink and be stupid. I know that’s only a portion of the team’s fanbase but the image is there.

I don’t remember. After she vomited, she put her head between her knees - she looked ashamed.

No hard feeling towards her, altho I do resent/dislike the atmosphere - Bills games are known for their tailgate (drunk) parties.


I talked to someone who goes to Bills games on a regular basis and he said things have NOT changed. Still a drunk fest.

Update on the stadium situation in Buffalo. Elections coming up affecting the talks which makes sense.