oh those rider fans

so, cfl.ca fan poll. who was saturdays afternoons best players.

11% so far actual votedly for durant :roll:

If that was Rider fans he'd have about 80% of the vote. It's probably non-rider fans voting him up :smiley:

Of that list, who played better? Dressler should have been an option and he wasnt. Blame MRX.

Schmitt was the Riders best player, but SJ Green was basically the Als today.

Rod Black would concur with you on Green.. he carried a stiffy for him all damn game today!

And on that note, "stiffy" and "Rod Black" should be added to the censor list never to be repeated again no matter how true.

Rod Black… yes… .stiffy… iffy!

Rod Black always has a ******
What I’m saying is he likes camping cause he’s always pitching a tent.


Great call Deanjo ...your citation for "stiffy" brings to mind a few other recurring words and phrases used by Rod Black that also should be banned...

-Tacked on
-Aussie Rules

How bout "the former _________"

No, no, no......."Sack master"

Just put a muzzle on the moron. If you must make a list, make it of things he can say intelligently and without over use. It would be far shorter and easier to reference.

nobody thinks defense on these things much

check out brackenridge's stats. for his position, they are good. Better than durant if not better than green

if this was hockey, t. smith would have gotten first star.

actually, the more I look at it, everyone on that list played better than durant.

:thup: :thup: :thup: