...oh ...the 'o' line

...i hope the hogs are ready to rumble on Sunday ...the Bombers need solid protection for Glenn and at the same time open some big holes for Charlie...T.O is really soft on the run....I hope Sheridan is back in the line-up...that should make a difference ,if he can go at a 100%....The play of the 'o' line could be the difference in this one...goBigBlue... :thup: :rockin:

I couldn't agree more... especially about Big Matt. I don't know about you PaPa but I'm getting antsy about this game. I really think they can get the job done and I just can't wait... at least I don't bite my nails!

ya if we get all oline back we'll be the team that was @ the start of the season and that team was a beast

I smell an upset in this one. I'm off on a deer hunt next week, but I'm leaving early on Sunday so I can get to the motel by noon and then park myself in front of the TV to watch the Bombers destroy the Argos. Depending on how sober I am after that, I may take in the Sask/Calgary game as well.

right now we have a very good o line and i surely wish garret jones would be playing. i have a hunch we will find out just how important doug berry is to this team. im thankful we have him and not the als.

...well if we don't destroy them MadJack.... at least there won't be much for you guys to mop up in the final...something tells me both 'd's are gonna be smackin' pretty hard....last man standing....lol lol.. :lol: :rockin: