Oh, the Irony!

I have been accused of making one fan on this website feel 'less than human.'

because I have let it be known that I have never boo-ed one of our own players.

You fans whose natural inclination is to boo.

It probably doesn't bother you that many QBs who you boo-ed here
never reached their dream of having a career in professional football

and became nothing but footnotes in Tiger Cat history.

Does it bother you that your behavior towards Casey while he was here
taught him the lesson that resulted in his outstanding performance Sunday?

Casey Printers does.

..when it was over, Printers had a message of respect for Hamilton and its fans.

“To be honest, I'm so thankful for Hamilton,? Printers said.

“You guys don't understand the adversity I went through.

It's because of that I'm able to be here and lead these guys and not get shaken up.

It was tough but I learned so much and because of that I'm able to flourish.

I've been through all of the storm and it's a good feeling to just say bring it on.?

Id boo him again in the same situation if that's what you want to hear !

Nope it don't bother me one bit ...

Would you feel different about those comments if he made them before the Game ?

I think your taking somewhat sincere comments and trying to manipulate them into something for your own agenda .

RON are you a Porter Project Supporter ? im trying to find reason why a Man such yourself that post's many great Post's about many subjects with very educational material comes up with this post ?

Printers was sandbagging(if that's the correct term?) -Hamilton fans, and Mr Young have every right to be p..... o.. at Printers, We made him the highest payed player in the CFL. WE don't see ANY other QB.s claiming broken finger nail injuries do we.

This guy is so full of himself it's unbelievable every time he opens his mouth it's ME or I, if your a pro athlete you should be able to handle the booing if you can't handleit you should get another profession. The fans have a right to boo if they want to they paid to get into the game I only have a problem with people that throw objects or use profanity otherwise they are open game . I would love to know the great quarterback we chased out of town by booing. I think the opera would be a good option for you Ron they don't boo there. If it wasn't for the passionate fans yesterday that game would have been over early.You forgot to metion how he quit on his team last year

"Does it bother you that your behavior towards Casey while he was here
taught him the lesson that resulted in his outstanding performance Sunday?"

According to Danny McManus tonight, he says that the performance by Printers yesterday is a direct result of Casey playing CFL football again the way he used to play it and not like the NFL style that Casey had tried to model himself after. Casey is just gloating that the game worked out for him yesterday. He should be thinking about Montreal and and his team instead of worrying about us anymore.

And besides, it was decided that after the results last year, Casey had to leave. We have now gone from 3-15 or something close (I honestly forget and don't care what our record was) to 9-9 in one short year and only a play or two from the East Final.

The stars lined up yesterday for Printers and the ball bounced his way. He also played a good game so credit to him. But let's not forget that he wasn't exactly BC's favourite son either up until his win yesterday and that may prove to be fleeting anyhow.

I like the crew we have and I recall saying back during camp that it is refreshing to see a team without any primadonas on the roster for a change that we have to coddle and walk on eggshells around. Even Arland Bruce has proved to be just one of the hard-working, humble members of the whole Ticats crew who thinks of team first and not himself.

Printers stunk the joint out last year and we're better off without him by miles.

Good luck to the Lions next week.....may the best team win.

My 2 cents...

You might cut Ron a little slack on this. :wink: He is objective and straightforward and I for one, agree with his thoughts on Printers.

The guy came in and a lot was expected of him without the front line we have now or the receivers we have now...and he got hurt. Also...I don't think the Charlie Taffe experiment helped either. Casey was doomed by the time the decision was made to cut him loose. O'bie had to do it!

I'm not happy it didn't work out with Casey...but I'm sure Casey isn't happy about it either but he has made the best of it.

I have no agenda, MELrOsEMaNiAc

I was actually trying to make an educational point...

If a player is boo-ed, that boo-ing will likely cause him
to perform worse than he was already performing.

Very counter-productive behavior in my mind,

besides It is cruel and heartless for that player, his family,
and the people who are close to him to be subjected to it.

Apparently I confused people by using a quote from Casey
to illustrate my point about boo-ing you own team.


If I was to have an agenda it would to get fans to stop boo-ing players on their own team

I know that will never happen so please, no 'I have a right to boo him' comments

but I would like to hear from people who never boo players on their own team.

I would fully support that agenda. I believe anyone who boos their home team is an imbecile. As Ron says, no good can come of it. It cannot possibly make the team play better, and it just might contribute to personnel loss as the targeted players get out of town at the first opportunity - and spread the word to their friends on other teams who might be considering signing on.

Please note that I am not questioning anyone's right to boo. Yes, I know, you bought a ticket and you are perfectly within your rights. Got it. Here's some other things that are perfectly within your rights:

  • throw cash down the sewer
  • yell at old ladies
  • humiliate your child in public
  • burn the flag at a Remembrance Day ceremony
  • plant weeds in your backyard
  • punch a hole in your TV set
  • tell inappropriate, moronic jokes at your spouse's workplace Holiday Party
  • go a week without showering or applying deodorant
  • give away the ending to people standing in line at the movies

No one can stop you from doing those things. But I would still question your intelligence and/or level of socialization.

You may not be "less than human" as Ron alluded to in his first post. But you are, without a doubt, less of a fan than those of us who support the team and its players through thick and thin.

Ironic all right. I've read similar comments from Calvillo.

Ok so when your not happy with a players performance should i send him hate mail ?

Ok im all ears and reading all these great comment's But One second here when a performance based player performs we clap and cheer yell and scream BUT when they stink and we want to show our displeasure we can't boo ....Then i need a big hook like the ole days and drag the player of the field ...The only legal way we as fans have besides this web site now to show our displeasure is too boo or spread the word of our thoughts which does not show the player directly how we feel ..I am not the kind of person to beat around the bush at anytime ( if you got bad breath im gonna tell you ). When players get boo's from a crowd it may make them better one day to help perform better or at different levels .But yes all agree you never think it will come back and bite ya in the ass ...But if that's what he says to the press for what i call a Sincere comment then all take it for what it is ..Sometimes the best way to feel better is to get it off your chest and in the heat of the moment when you care about something so close to your heart it hurts to watch everything unfold the way it did ( with printers ) and the Team that year and others . Some players need a kick in the ass others need a pat on the back as fans how are we suppose to no which to offer them ? Booing is the only safe non profanity way to let them no your displeasure at that moment ..Does not mean you dislike them forever or the next game but I have seen in many other sports i wont get into but boo's are the norm and the next night cheers fill the rafters ....And as for those who would say im or anyone else that would boo a player is less then a fan that is bullshit i just have different way's to show emotion ...Sorry i may care just as much or more then Most maybe who can judge that !! Im a proud Hamilton Tigercat football fan and boo at that time was a way to tell a player that the displeasure of his performance... So in the end of all this if it happens again how do we tell a player you payed money to go see that your not happy with him ? Do i go to practice and yell at him one on one ...like id get that opportunity id get punched out or trespassed from the practice field ,I'm trying to come up with a cheer for players that don't perform ...Oh wait someone already did it's called a BOO.... So everyone it's just id rather tell that player then that day then wait and let it bottle up then you get angry at the team and the staff and next thing you no you loose a little love for something you loved so much . You have to show displeasure when it's deserved . Because as a paying Fan you have the right .......... Might be counter productive in this situation and some others but we still have the right to cheer , boo, scream yell,clap,blow a horn ,and show all our emotions good or bad for the team we Love ...But to call people names like imbeciles not really productive either is it ..Cant have a good debate over something without name calling or judging a human by one subject that hits close to home . No need for name calling were not children or maybe you are with that comment !!! <<<<< ExPat all never expect a boo to make a player play better but i do expect that player to understand my displeasure for him at that moment ..

If people object to this line of thinking there is no help for them. They will always be social outcasts and rightfully so

Is this the same Casey Printers whose main page on his website a few years back while on the BC Lions showed himself in a BC Lions uniform super-imposed on an NFL stadium ? that Casey Printers?

With that attitude and the money he made off Hamilton, I'm not losing any sleep listening to his psycho-babble right now......I'm happy for the Lions that they get to move on for another week, but as far as Casey Printers is concerned ?...he's too into Casey Printers and hasn't done much to help or promote the CFL. He's the Lions problem again to walk on eggshells around him. Our secondary and defensive line didn't bring their "A" game last Sunday and Casey was the beneficiary of that. Abandoning the running game also didn't help matters. That's all that happened here. Casey should be careful how swelled his head gets because of one fortunate game for him where everything went his way. The Alouettes are watching and listening.

We're a better team without him. I'd take Arland Bruce as a Tiger-Cat on a bad day over Casey Printers on his finest day -----in a heartbeat.

What was that all about, mikey?

We were talking about fans boo-ing there own home team players.

And what's this all about

You are happy about the B.C.Lions moving on to play Montreal?

Amen! I completely agree with both of you, gentlemen.

Great post, Expat.

MELrOsEMaNiA, you do understand, too, that

when a player's own fans are boo-ing him,

it's possible, with all the boos swimming around in his head
his chances of screwing up another play are increased

and yet you insist on living in the moment

whether or not your boo-ing ends up
causing your favourite team to lose.

It's difficult for Tiger Cat fans who only show positive support for their team
to know what to call people whose boo-ing may be detrimental towards the team.

Good grief "ronfromtigertown", stop pontificating and playing word and head games . You know damn well I meant "happy" in a congratulatory context.

What is it about this website that makes some people puff out their chests and boast that they are "better fans" than the next guy.......like, whoop dee doo !

It helps the team how exactly when some fans try to chase others off ? ? Some people need to get a life clearly.

The Tiger-Cats did great this year, could have easily made it to the final and will do even better next year...and more casual attendees will become full time attendees.....that's all there is to say really.

Don't make it more complicated than it is by thinking some fans are better than others. It alienates people and turns them off.

-Have a nice day-

I never boo the Ticats as a team or any of our players. I want them to win, and I support them regardless of the outcome. If a player makes a bad play, I may groan, or shake my head, or mutter under my breath, but I will never boo one of our players. Each of them is doing his best to win. I'll boo an opposing player, or a bad call by an official, but only if I think something really wrong has been done, or if I'm booing as part of a group effort in the stands to cause a lot of noise to disrupt their play-calling.

To me, booing a person on our team for making a mistake is discouraging. Booing an opponent just because he's an opponent is disrespectful. Booing anyone because I'm full of alcohol is stupid. So I avoid all of these things. And I always have a great time at the games.

Who is pontificating, deerhunter? You are.

You apparently have no understanding of what this thread is about,

You are too busy pontificating with your high and mighty opinions about Casey Printers.

I don't even want to even quote your senseless rants about him.

Casey Printers didn't enter adulthood fully mature and brimming with wisdom,

none of us did, and few of us know what kind of a person he is today either,

but we can educate ourselves a bit by reading what Wally Buono is saying about him today.


It is not difficult to understand this statement.

If you didn't mean it to be taken literally, you shouldn't have said it.

and I wish you wouldn't use my response to it
as an excuse to go off on some queer rant.

Thanks for posting this, stevehvh.

as I said, I would like to hear from people
who never boo players on their own team.

They play well, I cheer. Even if they lose but play well, I cheer (like Sunday). But if they play like horse sh*t, I boo. Can it be any clearer?

And if a player is being booed there's usually a good reason for it.

Besides, I don't think players' egos are so fragile that whatever we fans do affects them much if at all.

An Argo-Cat fan