oh.. so you won.. let's not turn 180 now!! , Jumping back on

So you win a game that you shouldn't have..

I can imagine all the Eskimos fans that jumped off the bandwagon, will suddenly be running like hell to catch that wagon to jump back on!


everyone is all down on them, suddenly they win..

I'm waiting.. how many Esks fans will be jumpin back on?

When are you going to be "jumping off" of these forums?

The Eskimo fans should be very happy they got a stay of execution! But do not take it out the good eskie fans. Now if weirdo or EE shows up let him have it! :lol:

who jumped off the bandwagon? If anything esks fans here get slagged for being too overconfident. sure we second guess coaching decisions and bad penalties but who doesnt? Who was down on them? esk fans can't say 'fire the coach' or 'fire the GM' sometimes like every other team here? I was born into cheering for the esks and can assure you I will be on the 'bandwagon' till the day I die.

The good Esks fans have been here along.

Never count out the Esks, a win like that might put them on a winning streak, as they play Hamilton back-to-back. It helped the Riders out, so things might even out in the West if Edmonton wins both games, and they way the Cats are playing, there is no reason why the Eskimos should not be 6-7 after those two games are over.

Hey fool, 47,659 showed up to the game not knowing it was going to be a win. That speaks volumes.

Ha ha ha Fool! EE you know your personality well!

I've been posting regularly since training camp.

They still have a lot of work to do though. A LOT of work.

I don't think there's too many teams looking forward to playing the Eskies the next two months. Should be quite a finish in the west.

I can imagine a few that could care less either way

there are some advatages to EE lossing out on the playoffs, they will start blaming the rule book, and chage the kick return rule back where it was before.

one hopes...

Give it a rest already