Oh say can you see, the Esks at 2-5!

People are jumping on the Esks-dissing bandwagon way too quickly. So they're 2-5. So what? They started the season last year 0-3 and then proceeded to win the Grey Cup. As much as I hate the Eskimos, they have a tradition of winning, and it'll take more than a few early-season losses to convince me that the team is going nowhere this year. They have too much talent not to break out eventually.

I can see the Esks fan point, because a lot of friends took great pleasure in the fact the the Canadiens sunk so low after their last cup win in 1993. Streaks end, that is just life. If they are going to dish it out, they will have to learn how to take it as well. They have to remember its only a game, and teams will live to fight another day, another season. If you are going to dish out the smack when your team is winning, you have to be able to take it right back when your team loses.

after next game 2 - 6 :cowboy:

Its good see some of the wind coming out of the EE sails and that their fans have finally begun to see them for what they really are so far this season.

EE sails are in the Doldrums, flat n going no where...Actually I think they will find a way to win..eventually..

It's not about how many they lose, but how they lose them.

This edition of the Eskimos plays without any heart. Could be the coach's fault for not priming his guys. But they got raped badly and show no signs of being close to overcoming their problems.

What's with saying people on this site saying that the teams raped each other???

I agree with the point above...the Eskies have no heart, not this year. Without heart, they will continue spinning their wheels, losing game after game. The way they're playing now, Hamilton could beat them easily.

No heart its true it's like they are really believing their own hype and not even trying, just expecting to win. Like I said before the season started maybe missing the playoffs for a few years would be good and knock that freaking complacency they obviously have off them.

Its all very simple really-no effort , no wins. Eskimos are not making the effort to win games and you see the results- a 2-5 record.

My prediction is that if the Eskimos lose this friday night to the Riders in Commonwealth stadium the axe will fall and fall hard.

I said it before in an earlier post that I would like to see The Eskioms not make the playoffs this year but it is too early in the season to make that prediction.

The Eskimos always seem to have a way to turn it up a few notches when their backs are up against the wall. Look at the playoffs last year. Not too many people thought Edmonton would pull out a win in the semi finals but they did it. Then they went on to win the Grey cup.

Damn right heads will roll. If we all know one thing about Hughie, it's that he doesn't tolerate failure.. or even mediocrity. If there isn't a big reversal in fortunes soon for this Eskie team... Can you say Eskimo dispersal draft? :wink:

I'm not ready to write off the Esks...yet! As some one pointed out, they were 0-3 last year to start. I'll wait until I can't feel a pulse on the body, or they are mathematically eliminated.

Commisioner Campbell should start rolling heads soon. I can't beleive some of the cuts Macocia has made.

There is a weak pulse but very weak! The paddles are out and if they lose to the riders they might be short one sugar plum fairy! And Soupys son will replace him! :lol:

sad, My team was in last in the west last season, and I tock it just fine. :thdn:

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