Oh say can you see, the Esks at 2-5!

This is great!.. it looks so good on those Esks to be last in the west and 2-5!

i've been waiting a long time for this!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Ha ha ha ha, yes!!! I knew those Edmonton fans would be eating their words. You're 2-5 and it does noy look good right now. Weeks ago you were talking trash but look at you now, I wanna hear what raw and edmonton fans will come up with to excuse their sorry performance. Oh and by the way Geroy had 195 yards and all of the Eskimos had 175 receiving combined. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: oh and Marsh shut Hervey down.

As much as i am loving every minut of this, the season isnt even close to being over…

Sorry to say it but I do believe the AXE is about to fall in the City of Champions! I lived in Edmonton for a few years and I know how serious the City takes it's Football!

All but one of the Eskimo fans will go into hibernation this week again, they will trash talk, but its too bad their team cant back up their words.... :lol: :lol:

....Esks did not look good at all...confusion on the bench...Campbell on a rant....Danny looked like he was gonna cry....i guess ee and rickyain'tnogood are looking for a miracle now...maybe they'll get it when Sask. comes to town...and if not....can a firing be not too far off.... :lol: :lol:

lol wow, you 5 need a life.

This from the guy who spends all his time knocking every team and every city!!

I guess he cant stand being in last place!

:( :cry: booo hoo hoo.. your words hurt me so... please someone tell on him! :lol: :lol: :lol:

No more trash talk from mister idot? I'll miss your idiotic remarks.

Hopefully the Esks are still struggling – and my Cats aren’t – in September when I make the trip out west. It’ll be the first time I’ve seen the Ticats play outside of Ontario, and it would be a much nicer trip home if they take two points out of Commonwealth.

The esks team sucks this year, both offensively and defensively. Maciocca and Rick Campbell HAVE to go now, if this season is to be salvaged! It looks like most of the players don't even want to be playing for these two reatards they call a coaching staff.

sarcasm Great job addressing our weakest link from last season that got even weaker going into this year Maciocca!(o-line) Great job changing up the play calling Maciocca, after 7 weeks this season, and years of it NOT working. Great job cutting vets like Montford, Inglis(and probably Brady), realizing you're a retard and then bringing them back! Great job trading Sanchez away for that piece of shit named Reggie Durden. Great job calling the same blitz 8 play that keeps allowing HUGE TD's for the opposition. sarcasm

Hopefully hMac. and Campbell will be gone after the esks lose at home to saskatchewan next week.
And I don't really see the need for a "the eskimos suck" thread after EVERY game they lose.

awww im sorry esk123! but we only get to enjoy this kind of pathetic display by the Esks once every 34 years!! hell, some of us weren't even born yet the last time they missed!

Matter of fact, my parents weren't even MARRIED yet, when they last missed!

so suck it up princess!!

edited because my team is in last place and Im not taking it very well!

The cry of the last place loser!

Life can be such a blank sometimes. Reading your post made me feel so sad my eyes sort of got wet, my throat tightened, my nose started to run. Gee! don't you hate it when your dog uses your head for a pillow.

The Esks are no good this year. Like I said before, 2/3 Grey Cups in the last 4 years is pretty damn impressive, it's been a great run.

Unless the Esks get a new O-line and a new secondary, then they'll continue to loose.

On the bright side, the Riders are'nt doing any better and I'm pretty sure they'll be battling the Esks for 3rd place in the West all year.

The game next week (Aug 11) will seperate the mice from the men.

The Eskie fans have nothing to be a shamed of. Their team time and again have shown their fans greatness! Big deal it is only a game! This year they are giving other teams a chance right eskie fans! I think 123 is right their bad coaching is catching up with them.

...it may well be true the Esks. will fire the coach and Campbells son....and the way the west is...being so tight ...they might get back in the race....but to the two who come on here (you know who u r') and trash other teams and posters),,,maybe you should learn to use some discretion in your posts....maybe you might get a little understanding from other fans because of your teams losing predicament.....but as of right now ...after remembering some of your quotes.....from me ...nothing....nada ....zilch ....zero and sweet bug$er all...enjoy the season.. :rockin: