Oh Oh, McPherson Did ask for a trade

As per herb in todays gazette

No link yet but it seems that McPherson has asked for a trade, or to be compensated for sitting on the bench

Here we go, I cant link to the digital edition, but I can copy and paste

Two years of mainly sitting on the bench have extracted an enormous emotional toll, Alouettes backup quarterback Adrian McPherson said. And he doesn’t see the situation changing any time soon.

“I feel I’m just as good as a lot of other starters in this league. But the biggest thing is I don’t play,? Adrian McPherson says of backing up Alouettes quarterback Anthony Calvillo.

“I keeping hearing that I’m the future,? McPherson told The Gazette during an interview from his winter home in Sarasota, Fla. “I understand the future may be five years from now. Nobody likes to sit and wait.

“I want to play,? he repeated on more than one occasion. “I need to play.?

Shortly after the Als’ Grey Cup win over Saskatchewan, he approached management, requesting a trade. The Als confirmed McPherson’s request to The Gazette but, while acknowledging McPherson’s frustration, intimated any potential deal is unlikely.

The problem facing McPherson – and, for that matter, third-string pivot Chris Leak – is the ageless Anthony Calvillo shows no signs of slowing. Although he’s 37, Calvillo remains healthy and, more importantly, is competing like someone in the prime of his career.

Calvillo has been named the Canadian Football League’s outstanding player the last two seasons. In 2009, he passed for 4,639 yards along with a league-leading 26 touchdowns. And no starting quarterback threw fewer interceptions than Calvillo’s six.

While some of Calvillo’s critics have complained of his lack of efficiency in postseason games, he passed for 312 yards and five touchdowns in the East Division final against British Columbia. One week later, he rallied the Als from a 27-11 fourthquarter deficit against the Roughriders. He completed the game with 314 yards and two touchdowns.
“I feel like A.C. has three, four, maybe five years in him,? McPherson said. “Anthony’s playing great.?

The breaking point for McPherson came during Grey Cup week, when general manager Jim Popp said Calvillo would be the team’s starting quarterback as long as he wanted – provided he remains healthy and competent.

“If (Calvillo’s) making the decision,? McPherson said, “it’s time to go. Now, it’s on his terms. I understand and respect that. But show me some respect. You can’t expect me to sit here. It’s a tricky situation. You can’t tell A.C. that he has to leave.

“I’ve been patient,? McPherson added. “When I came to Montreal, my impression was that I’d sit for a year or two. I feel I’m just as good as a lot of other starters in this league. But the biggest thing is I don’t play. We’ve been up in games with three minutes left – and I don’t play. I don’t want to do that (again) this year. I was under the impression I’d play more in 2009. That didn’t happen.?

McPherson passed for 506 yards and six TDs in eight games, including two starts, against Winnipeg and Toronto. He dressed for 17 games.

Calvillo has repeatedly said he’s operating year-by-year at this stage of his career. And he has made it clear he plans on returning next season.

On his way to induction into the Hall of Fame, only one record stands between Calvillo and immortality – Damon Allen’s career passing mark of 72,381 yards.

Calvillo, second on the list, sits at 63,322 yards, leaving him 9,059 yards away. Provided he remains healthy and the Als continue winning games under head coach Marc Trestman, it’s conceivable Calvillo could surpass the mark in two years.

McPherson has two years left on his contract – a contract he had extended in the belief he would receive a legitimate opportunity to play. Otherwise, 2010 would have been his option year, after which he would become a free agent.

McPherson emphatically stated he won’t become a distraction. He plans on reporting to training camp in June, even if the situation remains unresolved. He also hopes, should offensive co-ordinator Scott Milanovich become Toronto’s next head coach, the Argonauts – at Milanovich’s insistence – will trade for him.

“I’ll leave after McPherson vowed.

“Something has to be done. Either compensate me to sit there or let me go. I can be quiet only so long. I have hopes and dreams, but I’m not sure they’ll happen.?

For the good of the franchise, Trestman has to step in and start incorporating Adrian into the offense progressively over the next two years. I understand the desire to keep riding AC as long as he's healthy and sharp, but we have to think about the future as well as the present.

I, too, have wondered why Calvillo is still taking snaps with three minutes left in a game we're decisively winning. Anthony is a competitor and wants to play. However, as much as he may want to keep going, it really shouldn't be his call to make. Trestman has to do what's right for the team.

....Methinks Adrian is headed out of town...Popp will get as much as he can in a trade...just a matter of time...No way is McPherson prepared to sit anymore and i don't see that Anthony is relishing the thought ,of giving up his playing time or career just yet....I think the Als. will have to bid adieu to Adrian...When a guy requests a trade (see Barrin Simpson) i think you pretty much have to accomodate...orrrr risk a nasty locker-room.. I can see him ending-up in t.o. or the Peg, whichever club is prepared to meet Popps demands...Asper is looking for a franchise qb....he may have just found one.. :wink:

From the article

The Als confirmed McPherson’s request to The Gazette but, [b]while acknowledging McPherson’s frustration, intimated any potential deal is unlikely. [/b]
The Als have to keep him happy this year. While I want to see AC play long enough to break the records. They might as well sit AC in the final stages of the game, because when the game is in hand AC never passes.

Makes you wonder what McPherson was thinking when he signed that contract extension in 2009.

He probably signed it thinking:

[ol]- That he'd get to become the starter within a year or two.

  • That it's better to develop and learn on a winning team surrounded by quality football minds than languish on a poor team and set back his career.[/ol]

I understand Adrian's frustration. Popp and Trestman really have to straighten this situation out. That being said, I would caution Adrian against welcoming any trade to any team just because he's impatient to be a starter. Just ask Stefan LeFors. :lol:

Agreed. Adrian absolutely has to get more playing time this year, regardless of Calvillo's health. Ideally, I'd like to see Trestman work up a package of plays specifically for Adrian to run, so he can be regularly inserted into every game in situations other than short-yardage conversions. That package can include comebacks, wildcat, or whatever else Marc dreams up that he feels would suit Adrian's skill set. As the season progresses, we can gradually give McPherson more playing time, until (and I realize this will probably never happen, but I can dream, can't I?) by season's end the QB duties are split roughly 60/40 in Calvillo's favor.

If Popp and Trestman demonstrate a clear commitment to Adrian, in actions rather than in words, I'm sure he'd be willing to stay. Apart from playing time, why wouldn't he want to stay with the Alouettes?

Jim Popp can be the nicest guy but you don't back him up in a corner, especially if he owns your azz for two more years after investing two years in to you. Simpson was a different story salary wise and bonus wise.

I respect Adrian's wishes, players want to play but going to Herb is probably the worst possible thing Adrian could have done. Everyone knows Herb and Jim don't even talk.

Obvious by the timing that this is designed to maximize the money his agent could get for him by renegotiating a deal before team's spend their money. Adrian also says pay me or play me, so he is also opened to different ideas.

Asper LOL ! I think he has his hands full right now. Winnipeg has nothing to offer the Als in terms of draft picks and they have one young quality NI and that's Labatte and he plays a position the Als are loaded at.

My guess is Adrian is going to be asked to honor his contract or see Leak be moved up, a lot of things can happen in two years when your QB is 37. You can't trade a guy like that to a division rival unless the return is phenomenal. I mean like 3 first round picks kind of thing something Toronto has but Winnipeg does not.

Very simple, he took the raise and bonus money...Jim likely extended him and gave him a bonus, because Adrian moved up to Backup QB.

First, I fully understand McPherson who wants to play; furthermore,he is not getting younger;-will be 27 in May-finally, if he was a starter for the next 2 years he would probably be making at least $150,000. more.

This being said, I doubt that he will be traded; the 2 teams that would need him the most are Toronto and Winnipeg; there is nobody on these teams that could interest the ALS; if Adreano Belli was 5 or 6 years younger or Doug Brown 9 or 10 years younger,then the Als could think about a trade; that would be the starting point.Brandon Labatte is a possibility but,for now,the Als don't need him.

Please don't compare this to Barrin Simpson; yes,he did ask to be traded but has he been traded? Where is he now? He has been released. He will probably no longer play in the CFL. Did Winnipeg won a Grey Cup with him? No! Their chances would be greater with a McPherson; same for Toronto.

Unless an "unthinkable" trade comes along, McPherson will wear the Als uniform for,at least,the next 2 seasons; cry if he wants to, but it will be in Montreal or home for 2010 and 2011.

And,some of you,stop thinking that playing time could be 60/40 between Calvillo and McPherson; unless he is hurt or becomes incompetent, Calvillo will play for majority of games. As George Allen used to say:"The future is now". The Als will play their best QB/the one that will give them more wins or chances of winning; with the praise that Calvillo has received from Mr.Trestman, Anthony will be the QB.


Adrian also had something like 140 touches last year, he's not just a backup QB, in Trestman's system he get's more touches than a fullback and some kickers. That's 140 plays many of them running plays where AC didn't have to take a hit.

Than there is Chris Leak, who is much younger than AM. How close to ready is he ? Is he the future ? Adrian is kind of squeezed.

Than there is what could the Als get in exchange. I don't see any players on either roster who would be of interest at this point but 3 first round picks , this year's being the top pick is somewhat more interesting. Or if Duval was to stick down south,the number one pick plus a Justin Medlock could be interesting.

Then, there is fan reaction. I know Adrian is QB2 but he is a fan favourite.

Lastly AC is still 37 and his amazing lady only one year in to remission.

As a CFL fan I would like to see Adrian play. I think, he would make the league better. As an Als fan I would rather he stayed for two more years. If his opportunity does not come in those two years it will likely be Chris team.

Popp has been known to have released players that clearly did not want to play here, like he says what's the point. But hfctx has a point, could be a neg strategy. quite savy.

The Als have a big nut to crack this year with Larry Smith having to sell all those new seats and luxury boxes to help Mr. Wetenhall recoup his investment. So theres no taking their foot off the pedal, and the McPhersons, Woodruffs, Brodeur-Jourdains, Woldus, etc. are just going to have to be patient. I feel for McPherson, but it aint going to happen this year for him here. And going to Tor. or Wpg. would be career suicide. But keep in mind hes just a twisted knee away for moving up to No. 1. So hes best just biting the bullet and biding his time.

We'll certainly take him off your hands.

I'll think exactly what I want, regardless of anything you post, and I'd appreciate it if you just minded your own business.

I seem to remember reading a number of posts by you about Jabari Arthur. He's not on your radar anymore? Personally I wouldn't trade one 1st round pick for McPherson, let alone draft picks and a player. The last thing the Bombers need is another unproven QB (and you already know what I mean by unproven, HfxTC). If Montreal wants to keep him or trade him to the Argos that's fine with me.

The bombers dont have any unproven QB's.....They are all proven to be backups at best

Chris Leak looked eager to learn and seemed to be happy with the #3 spot. Moving into second string would make him happier. McPherson looks promising, but I don't think he is ready to be a starter. He could of learned from the best, but feels he's ready, and the only teams who I can see taking him and using him as a starter, I don't think have a great team around him. Other that, I can't really see him starting anywhere else.

Save your breath d&p. RIchard makes very interesting posts from time to time, but he never seems to respond to any direct questions. . . you may recall in the free agents thread I asked him directly why he would be eager to re-sign Deslauriers, and he has not responded; it’s happened before as well.

To the topic at hand. . . the key factor here is MacPherson’s age. He is chronologically at his prime right now. . .if he is facing two or three more years as a backup to AC, i can understand his wanting out and a chance to compete for a #1 spot. If he was a few years younger I’d probably feel differently, but if he wants a trade to a place where he has a legitimate chance to compete for the #1 job, I’d try to accomodate him if the price was right.

If AC has 2 or 3 more years in him, I’d be content to groom Leak in the #2 spot to eventually take over, and bring in for 3rd string some younger college hotshot.

If, however, AC told me he expects to retire after this season, or perhaps the following season, I might be more inclined to hang on to MacPherson.