Oh no were playing in BC lets play like sh**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya its ok just run the ball for 250 yards. Lets miss some tackles. Ya its ok Ac play like u usually do in BC. But u get a 1st down. But then u get a touchdown. But then oh u get stuffed. WHY????????? BECAUSE UR F***** TIME KEEPER WANTED TO REVIEW THE TIME ON THE CLOCK!!!!!!! PUT A PROTEST ON THIS GAME IF U COULD PLEASE!!! I cant believe I watched this crap till the end. What a waste of time!! Being a Alouettes ticket holder for the past 5 years im starting to question this micky mouse league!! I just can't believe this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that last minute has been fking bllshit. Even Wally Buano was pissed about the calI. The Als get it on the first two cracks, and get stopped on the third try. There wasn't even supposed to be a third try! This technical call is complete crap. I'm a season ticket holder and lost faith with this league. The officials handed the game over to B.C.

The first play was stopped because of the time out. When the ball was placed after the time out the clock was incorrectly started in the stadium; therefore, the play didn't count. Please try to educate yourselves before ranting about some fairy tale corruption.

The reason Buono was pissed was because there was a holding penalty against the Als on the play. No matter what the touchdown wouldn't have counted and the Als would have had 3rd and 6 instead of 3rd and 1 if the play had stood.

The call was bullcrap though. They should have adjusted the clock accordingly without wiping out a play that had already happened. If it weren't for that holding penalty I would be furious about this. I understand the rationale for the call but I disagree with it nonetheless.

The problem I have is we have absolutely no idea what the call would've been, if anything. I keep hearing different stories. Some say it would've been holding against Montreal. Others say procedure against Montreal. And now a B.C. fan is saying someone on Fan 1040 (I think that's the name of the station) said it was offside on B.C. So what was the call? We don't know. Murray Clark said there was no penalty.

Exactly, everyone who paid money or watched for 3 hours don't have any idea what the hell this was all about. Now obviously the BC fans will be happy about the win but was that an entertaing game ? Now Tom Higgns is going to come out this week and explain or appoligize but it dosen't make it right. Maybe they should revisit some of the rules and procedures.

No question about it. Unlike the first go where the ref is clearly trying to call play before the snap there is no indication play was called before the snap. If a play is run with no whistle it should stand, not be erased because of a timer issue which could easily be fixed without scrubbing the play.

If the rules dictate this is how to deal with such situations (which I highly doubt) then the rules need to be changed.