Oh no! The new CFL commissioner could be...

The Toronto Star had an article about CFL commissioner candidates to be considered. It mentioned Pelley of the Argos...the league is impressed with a guy who can get 30,000 people out to watch a competitive team in a huge dome (though there are those who can get 27 thousand to sit on old benches to watch a winless team, which is more impressive). Another candidate was the head of the COC. They also mentioned...further Raptor GM Glen Grunwald for the commissioner job! I don't really follow the NBA, but by going from reputations...I'm compelled to think this would not be good.

I hear Pat Quinn is looking for work

this was already mentioned in a diff thread.

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I have to admit, Pelley is a smart dude and very well connected to the business community and with a TV background. He would be excellent IMHO. Named recently Etobicoke Business Person of the Year and winning something like this in Toronto is no small task considering all the business types there.

This thread is about the GLEN GRUNWALD rumour.

Don't know much about him but, according to Wikipedia, he is currently President and CEO of the Toronto Board of Trade. So he would have to be well connected without a doubt to have this position.

Sambo says no.

Why LeBird does Sambo say no?

Marty York reports that two more candidates have been mentioned as Commisioner candidates.

(1) One is a transplanted Austrailian that is fixated on something called an "Action Point".

(2) Second is a Turkey Farmer from Saskatchewan that wants to put football to music with a selected number of theme songs.

If Marty York wrote it, then it must be true! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Stay tuned! :wink: :wink: :wink:

The choice for new commissioner is obvious...


Half the people on these boards claim that he runs the league already.

Might as well make it official, I say!!!

That's what I was just about to say!