[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Winnipeg/2009/09/24/11090886-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 6-sun.html[/url]

Well - if this is true the boycotters are whining (ooops, I mean winning). What a shame.
I have my tickets for the game :rockin:

Hurting the bottom line is NOT the way to go. The Win/Loss takes care of the coach, not the # of people in the stands.

This looks really bad on the bomber fans.

I don't like sitting in minus 20 and I don't like having a losing team - but I still support them through both.

Next up! The same people that don't go to the games will be the same ones that complain when it's blacked out on TSN! That's what you get!

What I do find very ironic is we still likely sell more than the Al's do every week at Molson Percival!

THIS IS NOT A SLAM AGAINST MONTREAL FANS! They are great. I am just chuckling at the scenerio :smiley:
I am also assuming they haven't added any more seats to the stadium yet, so I could be out to lunch on that comment.

After all that has gone on all season you guys are very surprised at this. Thought it would not come down to this. Some of you are not living in the real world. Think fans will come out in droves to see a very poor home team. So you all like Kelly and Bauer. So you think this team is managed better than Gleibermans team.Like I said in a previous post. Some of you people have been drinking bad alcohol, or even taking bad drugs. Don’t take my word for it. Winnipeg as everyone know’s has more alcoholics per capita than any other city in Canada. At least we are number 1 in something. Reality is fans will only put up with so much. Hard earned money is hard earned money.

We will end up with around 23 000, that's not bad considering we are a 3 - 8 football team. That is more than Hamilton got last week against the Greycup champs and more than MTL gets. Not Winnipeg,s fault they have a bigger stadium.( MTL should expand to at least 25 000). We were averaging 19 000 during the Reinbold days .

Montreal is expanding their facility. Their owners have deep pockets. Better managed. Montreal also has a lot more corporate sponsors than we have. When Montreal wins a home playoff spot they play at Olympic stadium. Which more than makes up for any shortfall. You are comparing apples to oranges. Or in our case a rotten apple and an orange. If the nonsence continues and Kelly is not fired. Look at Bomber attendance to continue to slide. We don't have corporate sponsors like the Alouettes. Oh by the way. Hamilton also has a very rich owner.


HOUSEDOG,First, lots of cities support losing teams, Tor Maple leafs come to mind, Try getting a ticket to one of their games ! Next, Mont. pop.-3.6 mil. Winn. pop.- 700,000 approx. Compare your attendance stats with those figures. Finally, do you only support winning teams, Ottawa lost their team(twice), maybe because of fans like you, who only go games if they like the coach,GM and the team is winning. Taking the bad with the good is what true fans do and I applaud them. I've never been to a Bomber home game( a dream of mine one day) and to hear people not going to the games on purpose, sickens me. I consider you lucky to have the opportunity to go!

Don't waste your time trying to correct Hosedog...he makes up his own stats, and whenever anyone presents an argument he doesn't like, it's Mike Kelly's fault

Listen clown. I go to all the games. But not anymore. I am not going to spend my hard earned money on an ongoing circus and a pathetic performance. As a matter of fact it's getting worse not better. You have some nerve that you have never attended a Bomber game and you are lecturing me. Your figures mean squat. If you really want to attend a game there is nothing stoping you from doing so. But if you have never supported the CFL don't lay your guilt B.S. on me. Myself amd a lot of others have had enough.

Okay...then I will, Hosedog...I happen to be a season ticket holder, and will continue to be. Knowing you won't be there, I couldn't be happier...

You continue going. I could care less.

With all the whineing you do, Hosedog, it would seem you care a great deal...

Housedog. . . was calling Dan38 a "clown" really necessary? It violates the rules of these forums, in case you didn't know. On top of that it's demonstrably wrong; I've had the pleasure of meeting Dan38 in person, and he's a class act.

And. . . as for your other comment, do you think that maybe the fact that Dan38 lives in a province other than Manitoba might just have something to do with why he's never attended a Bombers' game?

Mad Jack what are you talking about. I have been called a troll an,idiot, and various other names. As a matter of fact I have been called names by many. I don't see you jumping to my defence. But to Dan I am sorry for the clown remarks. But Madjack if you want to be the Bomber internet police at least be fair to all the posters.

It's simple. I don't know you. . . and I do know Dan38.

I'll defend my friends. Others fend for themselves.

But I'll never call you a "troll". . . a troll to me would be someone who is not a fan of the team going to that team's boards and being all negative. . . you are, so you say, a Bomber fan, so for you to rag on your own team is not, strictly speaking, trolling. Not to me, anyway.

lol...and STILL you come back for more...

Madjack you opened the can of worms. Just look back a couple of posts. What is a Hose dog. I have taken the high road and ignored it. If Dan is concerned about the Bombers he can buy a plane ticket and buy a Bomber game ticket. Nothing stopping him from doing that. For someone who has never supported the CFL I take exception to his remarks and lecturing me who has been a longtime CFL supporter.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I didn't open anything. . . you called my friend a clown.

As for the "hose dog" remarks, yes I saw them. . . but then again, it's up to you and/or your friends to rise to that.

i won't do it for you because I don't know you. I do know Dan, and like I said I'll stick up for my friends.

Madjack, why do you hate clowns?