oh no, lol

whats happening to the almighty lions, falling to the hands of the bombers, watch your back the eskies are 4 points down ladies

RnR do not get me wrong here but they are without their number one QB. But that oline is having big problems and their defensive backfield has been sleeping this afternoon. Could this be the BC slide! Wally better fix these porblems or more losses will happen.

Oh well you had a lucky start but you can't win em all. Better luck next year Lions. :smiley:

The secondary was a joke today...they couldn't do anything right. Milt Stegall was wide open every damn time, I'm surprised he didn't score more often than he did.

The O-line was having some problems today, but not nearly as bad as usual. I gotta blame this one on the QB's not watching the field properly. One other thing, Printers is not going to be going to the NFL any time soon. He is not showing the ability, and the NFL has a whole lot of other choices...better choices than Casey Printers.

I have faith that Wally will fix things up a bit, and DD is comin' back. But they gotta do somethin' 'bout Duncan O. There's no nice way to say it - the guy sucks big time.

I cannot believe that this club has not done anything about Duncan. He is a liability to this team and this team needs to correct this before the playoffs.

Have to say that losing three in a row is very disheartening....but maybe this is what is will have to take to get them in GreyCup.

RnR I can't see the lions losing out and that's what will have to happen for Edmonton to get first place, Damn stinking up the place in Hamilton. I think that we should be happy with second.

Don't count the Riders out yet LOL If BC loses the last 4 and Sask wins the last 3 we get first place.

I'm gonna maintain what I've been saying all along. I still have faith in the Lions and it's better to lose now than in the playoffs. Maybe the Lions were a little lucky to start the season and now they're not getting the breaks but better for the Lions to figure it out now. It is tough watching the Lions lose 3 straight after winning 11 straight.

plz plz stop. Luck had nothing to do with the bombers. We played a big game and beat the Lions up and down the field. so plz Give it a break if any1 has had luck at all it is the Lions with there win streak of 11. They obviously didn't earn it going down 3 straight.

Well BC had an easy schedule to start off the first half of the season. The tough games in Edmonton and Montreal are still to come, plus the other home game vs Sask. BC has two home games vs Sask this year, boy I'm glad that's gonna be over at the end of the season. Why can't BC play the last game in Taylor Field for a change?

No one said anything about luck for the Bombers winning. I was referring to the Lions getting breaks early in the season and not getting them now. I didn't watch the game but I'm sure full credit goes to the Bombers, at least according to the score.

i guess if there is any good news, is that we'll save $$$ not going to the west final IF they keep playing like this

The Bombers picked on Tiller who was subbing for Washington. Stegall beat Tiller on every catch.

We need three things to get on track...unfortunately I think Montreal will hand us loss #4 before it gets better.

(1) Dickenson might be out for Montreal. We need him back at 100%
(2) We need Mark Washington back. Stegall beat Tiller catch after catch.
(3) Hopefully we'll get that place kicker for O'Missy.

Didn't 'O'Missy' kick the game-saving FG on the last play of the game in the west final last year, then the winner in OT?

You are correct! Hard to beleive it's the same guy? I guess only the sports pyscologists can telll us how atheletes can do 180 degree turn arounds.

I guess he's worn out his welcome already then LOL

o'missy..LOL..that's a good one. you rider and eskie fans better not get too high on your horse though; the lions will be back and hit stride again before the end of the season.

in fact i like them to put a revenge licking on the bombers in 2 weeks after losing to the Als this weekend, though given their domination of the Als the last 5 years i wouldn't totally rule them out in that one either. however, the Als are on a roll now and have too much motivation, especially with the way the first game ended, to finally slay the Lion dragon and i think it happens on sunday.

O'Mahonney has never been a fieldgoal kicker. He is a good punter, not great, but he has never been a good field goal kicker. BC either needs to get rid of him completely or just bring in a new place kicker. The problem is that looking at the stats they will be in compition with a lot of people for kickers in the off season.

........that is correct budha, when Wally was here in cowtown he brought O'Baloney in to only punt and Mark McLaughlin was handling FG and convert duties........when it was clear Mark was headed for retirement he started training Duncan to assume both roles......at first Duncan was shaky and Mark and him shared the duties, then Mark retired and Duncan did alright for a season, Wally went to BC and Duncan split for the coast too.....