Oh no! Its happening again!

Just got an email from Ticketmaster since I get the odd presale information for sporting events, concerts, and what not from them. But I just got a presale information email from them and I'm starting to have some nasty flashbacks from a few years back.

Once again, the Argos' arch-enemy come playoff time is rearing their Aussie heads again... The Wiggles are booked for the Rogers Centre the same weekend as the East Semi-Final.

Granted, this time they're only performing on Friday and Saturday of that weekend (November 3rd and 4th. The game would normally be scheduled for November 5th). However, given the Rogers Centre's recent history of lack of "turn around" time (remember the "baseball cutout" incident for the game vs. the Als' this past August 19?), will The Wiggles and the Rogers Centre/SkyDump screw the Argos over on a stable home playoff date once again? It depends if the Double Blue end up finishing 2nd in the East, then its a case of wait and see.

The Argos can play at Ivor Wynne, I think it could have an opening that weekend. :lol:

the argos should sell the team to rogers, so that ted can get good home dates for the argos. Matybe Ted could move the team to new stadium at the exhibiton place.

The Argos will be playing at the new stadium at exhibition place I'm certain, I would love it, have fond memories of going to games at the old Ex.

the argos should sell to mlse, since mlse owns the stadium, if the argos go to mlse they will get proper financial backing and they will get good home dates and a proper field without baseball cutouts.

Only one problem tho: with "Ted The Sock" entering the marriage made in hell with Tannenbaum, what's not to say they will eventually get killed off for the "Toronto NFL Football Club"?

The Argos and an NFL team will survive in Toronto I believe. But we are talking years here about any NFL team in Toronto, years.

anyways, mlse/rogers could move the argos to london or windsor, its no big deal as long rogers/mlse builds toronto a beautiful 80,000 seat stadium with great sightlines. and gets toronto an nfl team, a future superbowl, and college bowl games.

I know that it will be years before the NFL will set up a permanent resident (read: franchise) here in Toronto (and hopefully by then I'll have relocated to a "more stable" CFL stronghold); however, anyone who thinks a CFL team and an NFL franchise can co-exist is totally ignorant of history. Need I remind you of why there's no longer a franchise in Baltimore, by far the most successful of all of the American-based CFL clubs? If it could happen there, it will happen here.

But Toronto has a rich history of CFL tradition with the most Grey Cups won of any team. And Torontonians, many, know this although I wonder if many of the young people there respect this part of their sporting history in that city.

I'm not discounting the history of the Argos. Hell, you're talking to a guy who been a fan of the Argos and the CFL for over 25 years. I'm just saying that if the NFL juggernaut sets up shop in Toronto, there's no way in hell the Argos, as a CFL club, could survive for very long afterwards.

move the argos!

bring on the NFL

bring on a new stadium

bring on ESPN on rogers basic cable


And bring on the pay-per-view charges for future Leaf games. :roll:

go find another planet to live on. You dont belong on this one.

mlse and orgers are destiend to bring the nfl.

I am pretty sure you meant to MLSE and ogres, you know the big things from Lord of the Rings

ha ha who is orgers? And why do we care?

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Yes Orgies! Busted a few of those! OOOps :lol: