OH MY!!!

This has to be the worst team I have ever seen. Even worse than the 1 and 17 season in 1997. I am totally beside myself here. They were suppose to be getting better but since the win, have gotten so much worse. The guy I feel bad for is Bob young. He wants to deliver a winner to the fans so bad but nothing seems to go right.

Perhaps we are curesed.

i agree :twisted:

I'm kinda wondering what is going to happen when the 3 year season ticket contract deal ends this season. How many fans are acctually going to renew thier tickets with the team this bad.

I think they have tried everything else. It has to be the curse.

Ahhh... "The Curse of the Forbidden Chant"

There's something to this.

The last three games have been absolute travesties.

How can a team get worse as the season goes on?

we need an exercism lol or something lol at ivor wynne.let that tiger loose they had down there on defence lol.reverse the curse .

We were 2-16 in 1997. We were 1-17 in 2003.

Oski Wee Wee,

I know for a fact the Cats are Cursed.

I'll have to bump the TICATS 3:15 thread.

NO! 1992 was the worse I think! they had nobody good on the team at all!