Oh my God, this team sucks!

I wanted to watch this game because it's an important one for the Eskimos, but I just can't... I feel like if I do I'll end up hurling something at my TV. This is beyond ridiculous. We've already allowed 3 sacks and a fumble return for a TD, and we're not even halfway through the first quarter. Of course, I don't blame Ray for that fumble... or INT, whatever they're calling it. The guy is getting NO!!! protection right now. The O-Line is being eaten alive. It's like Edmonton doesn't even have an O-Line out there.

Maybe I'll tune back in later. I need to simmer. :roll:

Well, the game's over. We finally got some points in the fourth quarter, but they were meaningless. This team got hammered!

Major changes need to be made, that's for sure.

I don't know what to say. A team going into the game 0-3 would, you'd think, show some level of urgency in the opening half. Some sign that they were interested in doing the things pro football teams need to do in order to win.

You'd think. :oops:

Something is very wrong with this team. Brutal in all three phases of the game. No one cared, the line play was awful, penalties awful, tackling was unbelievably poor. What a trainwreck.

The next game is now a must-win or the coaching staff will get the axe.

To be honest, I think changes should happen now. How many poor performances do we have to watch before someone says, Hey, this team blows! We gave away games to Montreal and Saskatchewan, and failed to show up in what was probably the biggest game of the season. Now the team is sitting at 0-4, and 0-2 at home. Even if we manage to beat BC at home next week, this team won't be fixed. BC is almost (almost) as bad as we are. A win there won't mean a whole hell of a lot. The only way we can save the season is if we rattle off a bunch of wins, and I just don't see that happening. Toronto is proving they won't be push-overs, and Calgary is finally getting into form. Then we've got Sask (kiss that W goodbye), and then it's the Labour Day games.

What disturbed me was that every unit took turns being awful tonight. It wasn’t just offense, or just defense, or just special teams. Particularly in the first half, it was an absolute gong show in all three phases of the game. Not particularly impressed with Hall’s postgame comments either. He’s a great defensive mind, but doesn’t seem to know how to motivate his players and instill discipline.

I think that's the most important thing, and I think most would agree with that. He doesn't have a lot of fire. I wouldn't mind having him as the DC, but I don't think he can handle being a HC.

Agreed. A lot of people need to be fired very soon. No more excuses, this is not acceptable!

A few observations from the other bench on the game.

Forget the turnovers, your trenches are killing you guys. Your oline can't protect your quaterbacks and your dline can't stop the run.

Fix the trenches and you will be miles ahead of where you are now.

I'm not sure if I was watching TSN or Sportsnet, but one of the commentators mentioned that the Eskimos played like they've "Quit" on their coach. Plausible...maybe something has happened in the dressing room that the public is unaware of.

My loyalties were really divided in this one as they are both long term favorites. But it is heartbreaking to see an Esks team play with so little energy or commitment. From my experience I’d say there is something really wrong with this team, some poison inside. I can’t say that I know what it is but I’d guess it is a lockerroom divided. Players are clearly not into it, for whatever reason. That was one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen and it’s shocking to say that it was Edmonton.
I guess if I was to be the armchair dimwit I’d cut/trade Campbell as his demeanour speaks of arrogance. I’d sit Ray and start Zabransky to get some energy/leadership out of that position and have McCarty in with Whitlock more often. I’d bring Strrasser down to the field so he has direct contact.
all that said Winnipeg played with heart and fire.

I agree with cutting Campbell. Clearly he's not into it. As for Strasser, I'm not sure how many more chances I wanna give this guy. The Esks are 4-11 since he took over the offence.

I like what D&P said in the other topic: I wonder if Worman would be willing to come back. I doubt it...

There's no question our O-Line is bad, but holy crap did you guys ever show us how bad... :roll:

....just an observance about Campbell. I don't know what happened to him after his nfl stint but he seemed very reluctant to sign back on with the esks. There seemed to be a problem with his re-signing and reporting???? I thought for sure he was going to be traded (he's too good to release) but Danny the dancer seemed to want him on the roster come hell or high water. Could this have been a divisive move, alienating other players, who came to camp, actually wanting to play for the green and gold. I don't think Hall handles these situations well,something a hc has to be able to do and Machoka probably railroaded Hall into accepting Campbell back. This is only one small problem and just my take but when locker-rooms start to go sour, you get the kind of play that was witnessed at Canad Inns last night., add to the fact the Bombers are very under-rated by some and underestimated.. Anyway the season is young and a few player moves are probably in the offing rather than a coaching change....again ...just my take...???

When Richie was hired, people were shocked that he had been passed over on something like 8 previous occasions as HC, including 2 in Sask. Maybe now we know why.

Preach ohnnnnnnn brotha Ahtie preach ohnnnnnnnnn! :rockin:

Well Chief, Rich Hall @ the Eskies didn't suck last night, scoring 17 unanswered pts. in their comeback victory over the Roughriders. The two new coaches; getting back to the basics perhaps helped? And last but not least, congrats to the defense that gave the offense a chance to win. As for Prefontaine: MONEY. :thup:

Oh my. They won a game. This team must be great! Grey Cup here we come! :lol:

It's one win. This team still has a ways to go. I didn't get to see the game. I was in Toronto crushing on my girl, Summer. :smiley:

Wow enjoying Summer at the end of summer -- pretty good reason it sounds to miss the game. :thup: Better than my moving burn-out excuse too.

Try sometimes though to have the TV on and then put the remote well away from the sofa or bed though. :stuck_out_tongue: You have to be very slick and quick though. It's a rare occasion where you have your cake and eat it too I tell you. :thup:

Here's a weird thought without any evidence to back it up:

What if Richie Hall the head coach is hampering Richie Hall the defensive coordinator? I don't mean that the grind of wearing two hats is affecting Hall's focus or causing burnout. I mean that because the Edmonton head coach has to be on the sidelines, the Edmonton defensive coordinator can't be in the spotters' booth, which is where Hall was during the bulk of his tenure as Riders' DC, if I'm not mistaken.

Is it possible that Hall sees the field better from the booth? Some coaches are more comfortable with the bird's eye view of the field; some coaches like to be on the sidelines, in the thick of things. There's no pattern that I can see beyond individual comfort and work preference. Tim Burke, Paul LaPolice (while he was OC in Sask), and Kevin Strasser like the booth; Chris Jones, Scott Milanovich, and Dave Dickenson like the sidelines.

Just food for thought. :slight_smile:

Interesting food for thought there disciline @ P on Coach Hall. But I will say this though; with the addition of the new Linebacker Coach Mark Nelson on what he brings to the table is beneficial having him on the sidelines. Nothing against Kepley as I wish him well on his resignation.

All you need to do now is to sneak in some smoked meat and your in heaven :wink: