Why is everyone sitting back and accepting this garbage??? Absolute trash,

Give me ONE REASON why we lose this game…

PS MIKE JONES. i give him huge love.

Yes I am emotional and maybe irrational after waking up after a game like that. You got a demostrable dumb cluck for a Head Coach who doesn’t understand CFL Football and a field goal kicker whose name I’ll never be able spell and who can’t make field goals anymore and the head coach who doesn’t trust him to make a 42 yard field goal in a Dome TO WIN THE GAME. HELLO?? Anybody home in there? The D can’t make the stop that counts. The Offense can’t get that ONE first down to salt the game away. I understand you have injuries at key spots but that game was won if we have a coach and field goal kicker who didn’t completely suck. I’m ready to take the incoming for this thread. Fire away. I stand by what I said. The Ticats suck.

No argument here. I’m still optomistic we can go all the way though. ?

Unfortunately this is what mediocre teams do They beat the crappy teams in the league and lose to the good ones. In between they beat a decent team occasionally (Edmonton who they seem to have the number of) and they lose to teams that they should be better than!

This team for the most part of my 40+ years has been mediocre. Can you say they suck? Sure you can but I think mediocre is the better word. In my opinion we’ve not had a go to coach since Lancaster. There’s been no Trestmans or Buonos or Matthews or Hufnagels etc in my time as a fan!
A generational coach who stays for many years and continues to win!

Get used to it because nothing will change in my opinion.

You have to have at least a .500 record to be considered mediocre. Anything below that and you suck. Plain and simple arithmatic.

Like I said you can say they suck! I won’t argue! Im one of the biggest fans and one of their biggest critics. Wait until the half empty stadium on Saturday. It’s getting a more and more empty. The lure of the new stadium is done apathy has settled in.

I’m loving your rage this morning! Truth is i think the Defense’s inability to make a stop is more troubling than Junes bonehead call. That’s the really disheartening part!

It pains me to say it but this is who they are. People were wondering of the identity of the Ticats in the first half of season. It should have been clearer with what we have as HC. It should have been clear from Day 1 because it's a pattern with June Jones. The answer was staring us straight in the face the whole time. They found their identity alright but chokers is not a tag they're going to like and that's just too bad for them.

Agreed I thought last year that there was too much hope thrown to Jones when it was an improvement of just having Austin and his tyrant ways gone.

In reality the hard part of the season was done and the others took the team lightly in their last 10 games. It was a big improvement over the first 8 games but was it real or was it a bit of a mirage?

Well, well, well it looks like people are finally waking up to the fact that… mediocre coach + mediocre QB + mediocre team = mediocre results. It looks like people shouldn’t raise their hopes too high with this team because they are sure to let you down. :-[

Masoli just can't keep the opposing defense off the field when they need to run some time off the clock. There's just no way. He can't do it. He won't do it. He simply refused to do it no matter what. He's had so many games on his stick and can't close the deal. We know what Masoli is. He's a guy who had a chance to be great and grab the bull by the horns. For all the in-game excitement that he provides, he just does not have anybody in this organization who can help him learn to win and that starts with Bob.

That’s what Stegal says too but if Jones doesn’t suffer temporary insanity he kicks the field goal, wins the game right then and there and the defense is a moot point. They gave Masoli the ball back to run the time off the clock and he and his offense did nothing with it the opportunity as per usual with a game on the line.

I’ll tell you why in two words. June Jones. This is a recording. The June Swoon…

I’ll do you one better with one word MEDIOCRE!! :-[

All true. It was an abject failure in all 4 phases of the game.

Agreed…but I am equally concerned as to why nobody on the Cats coaching staff would have intervened? From what I have seen Jones seems to coach by " Consensus" when it comes to big game time decisions. Where was Orlando? Jones has the headsets on…Orlando wouldn’t have strongly suggested to go for the field goal?

But the coaching phase and Masoli and his completely useless offensive line in crunch time phase are an unsettling pattern that has become a bad habit. I understand you win as a team and you lose as a team but that’s just not true around here. We’re losing because of June Jones first and foremost.

Suck we can actually say that word in here!!! That was a moded no no ! Ya baby Same old cats “Mediocre “ only the Argos suck !

The Argos do not suck. They’re having a bad year but they have 2 GC in the last 6 years and they can beat Calgary which Ticats can’t even do in their wildest fantasies. Ticats 19 years since winning. That’s what sucks.

As opposed to what?

What are you doing rather than "accepting" it?