Oh man, we're in for it!

According to the Blue Bombers message board all of the predictions are for the Bombers to either rout us by 30-40 points or to win in a close one. You would have to think that when that many knowledgeable fans have the same prediction that there must be some truth to it.
Looks like we are doomed again!


This is 'Cats night tonight! I don't think that there will be anything left on the field tonight from our boys. Everything will go in to the game plan and our team will rock the stadium.

Woohoo! I love it when the Ticats can prove that many people wrong!!!!!

Your so right Baldy!!! the cats are gonna kick some Butt!!! tonight. They`re more fired up then I have seen them in a long time.


Doug Brown better snug up the chin strap, he's going to be in for a rough ride tonight. Hopefully he'll have to hit the cold shower early.
That should quiet down the Bomber hopefuls for a while and maybe they will recant their predictions.

I just can't get as excited as you guys, although, I hope you're right. The Winnipeg media has the Bomber team and fans all psyched up just as the Hamilton media has us.

Personal experience tells me to pay no attention to any of this hype. Its designed to put bums in the slivered bench seating at IWS. The best team will win tonight.

Nah - the best team tonight will win.

Tonight that teams going to be wearing black and ...well, black.

BINGO! :wink:

Oski Wee 20/20 hindsight,