Oh great, the NFL is back

Well, you can say goodbye to any significant CFL coverage now that the "far superior" NFL has returned ...

Oh yes, this is my favourite time of the year. The time of year when I can find out any little fact about any unknown NFL player by turning to any Canadian sports channel at any time. NFL this, NFL that. I hear people saying, "Oh, football season starts tonight! Better enjoy it while it lasts, it's a long offseason once it's gone in January." By my check, football season started in JULY.

Honestly. This is one of my biggest peeves (and I'm sure I'm not the only one on this board who feels this way). Yeah, I'll admit the NFL makes a lot more money than the CFL. But why the need to cover it more extensively in Canada? Why the need to ignore the CFL once the FOREIGN league starts up? I'm not saying don't cover the NFL at all ... but come on media, look close to home! To me, there's no excuse or reason to cover the CFL less than the NFL. Frankly, the media should continue to cover the CFL MORE than the NFL. We are in CANADA, after all ... should the CANADIAN football league not be the most accessible?

This is not to bash the NFL ... I enjoy watching the NFL, but I have no passion for it. I try and watch every CFL game; there's usually no NFL game that I have to take time out of my day for. But football is still great, and there are a (few) fun things about the NFL.

But HONESTLY - as long as we're in Canada - we should be able to hear more about the CFL than the NFL!

I agree

And It Only It Worse From Here On In, Hockey Season Starts Soon Some Say Good Bye To That Group Of Bandwagon Jumpers. I Don't Know What Happends In The Rest Of The Country But In Toronto CFL Coverage Is Horrible And I Really Can't Understand Why. Canwest Is By Far The Worse, I Won't Even Watch Their News Cause I've Rarely Seen Any CFL Highlights Even When There's Nothing Else To Report On. City TV Used To Be The Only Station Whos News I Could Rely On To Get CFL Highlights But Since They're Showing Monday Night nFL Games I Wonder If It'll Be True In The Future.

I Stopped Reading The News Paper Cause I Only Read The Sports And Rarely Do I Find Any Good Front Page CFL Reports. Whatever Happend To The Media Being Un-Bias We Sure Know What Channel They'll Be Flipping To First.

Well , the T.V. ratings don't lie.........1.25 million.......is big , just remind the press about that in your letters to them.They will get it ,eventually.

Toronto runs the sports media in this country and they want NFL in TO so that they can legitimize their claim as being the "greatest city in Canada" and "world class". 680 news, listen!

hey bamboo try sportscentre

Do you always give up so easy? :roll: I DON’T. :wink:

Try being a CFL fan, and being born and raised here…think about that.

search : my posts on what is WRONG with TORONTO :wink:

I don't care abou the NFL, so I'm still here, unlike Stainlk the Snake and others.

you think the NFL is bad up there, TRY DOWN HERE IN THE STATES FOR A CFL FAN!!! UGH! :twisted:

well I was listening to a radio station out of Saskatoon.....a sport show "the Drew Mendla" or something like that.........anyway ask what do you prefer...........everybody said CFL but one guy........so this Drew guy and his female side kick were of course defending the NFL.....they arguements were teh NFL was "Big league"......and she said the production was so much better as tv and having Ozzie open up the Patriots game...........oh and thought the players were better.........probably true..........but of course no shortage of NFL players who would never make in the CFL.............not quite the same game

Why don't people just quit making comparisons. They are not the same game. I like both and I admit I like the CFL better, but most CFL games are not on Sundays, so I can watch both leagues. NFL (and the 49ers and Eagles) good, CFL (and the Riders) better.

CanucKev wrote:

This is not to bash the NFL ... I enjoy watching the NFL, but I have no passion for it. I try and watch every CFL game; there's usually no NFL game that I have to take time out of my day for. But football is still great, and there are a (few) fun things about the NFL.
Me sentiments exactly!

What is better about the NFL?, except it’s players (which they only great the great players cuz that got the bing bing, that’s it) and the covent system???

The NFL is a reflection of the USA; hype and show. The Pre-game ( entertainment/tailgate parties etc) is the attraction in the NFL and the game is secondary. In the CFL, the game is the focus, period!

dammit i hate this time of year! :evil:

Cmon you guys, this time of year is a sports fans dream, the CFL will still be number one in my book, but now we have NFL to boot, MLB playoffs around the corner and the NHL starting soon, this is best time of year bar none…

Diehardticat you have said it, how the Center of the Universe mentality does run the media in Toronto. Since birth, I have been up against this nonsense and defending the CFL as the best and I can tell you it has been an uphill fight. Like the old story of walking home as a kid in a winter blizzard and uphill both ways. Although ever so slightly there has been a marginal improvement, I am afraid to say the battle has been lost in this wannabee US state location.

Right now the CFL is # 1 in the T.V. ratings by far.

I agree and feel your pain. :wink: :lol: :frowning:

People need to be capable of making up their own minds. While I agree with diehard's (and the others) comments about the Toronto media, I also have to wonder the minds of the masses are. Too many people cast their ballots, watch television, listen to music, etc. according to what the opinion of editorials are. This is merely meant as an observation, because I am fully aware that putting this in a CFL fan forum is preaching to the choir. I know that everybody here is capable of making up their own minds. The proof is that you haven't been swayed by media telling you how superior the National Felons League is.
Thank you. Rant over. Feeling better now.

Let's not forget that there are about 16 games a week in the NFL, while there are 4 in the CFL. Hence, you need more time to show the highlights of the NFL than those of the CFL on TV. And the real problem is hockey, which occupies over 50% of all sports news broadcasts.

And one more thing. I expect all CFL lovers to love football. So why hate the NFL so much when it gives us football from the end of November to the end of January.

Think of it. If you have a craving for a chocolate-caramel bar, and all you can get is a chocolate bar, that's still better than nothing...