OH FRABJOUS JOY! Getting tables to post so they are readable

I went to OUTLOOK and saved them in an email as plain text!
Then copied and pasted into a message here.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
They came out in a readable form (though missing the lines).

I presume that any program that has a plain text option will work.

YOU may have known this but I assure you that many of us haven’t. Woo-Hoo!

^^^^^^Even after reading your explanations, I still don’t know it :).

If you have Outlook as your email system you can go to New Message.
Once you get the page on which you write your email then go to the top and click the format text menu. Pick plain text.

Then paste your table into the email. It will come out as plain text.
Copy that and then paste it into a message on the Ticat board.

Any other system that let's you create plain text should work too.

Rats… doesn’t work in WORD.

I think my head just exploded! :o



Go to HERE to a new email form…


Now paste your table.


See the word MESSAGE underlined in Blue BELOW? That gets highlighted when you click on it while you are on the previous page.

Now look to the left under the word Message. Click on the words Plain Text.

Magic Happens…


My son would be laughing hysterically if he knew that I was trying to give instructions about a computer program.

Um…can I not just type in the nice little box as provided by Ticats.ca??

If you want to type 30-40 lines with multiple columns then be our guest.

Me..... nope.
I'm too busy solving the problems of the universe.;D