Oh Boy

Well the man you all love to hate , Mike Kelly is on Off The Record today. Should be good.

Should be good, I want to hear him tell us why his offence was so bad, does he throw Bish under the bus ?

i actually just want to hear his side of the whole arrest story. our wpg media made him out to be the bad guy but sounds astho it was the woman who tried and succeeded to ruin him. should be interesting. ofcourse some people will still think he's guilty but.... im not so sure he was.

dude obviously loves wpg so really.... just cuz he was a bad coach dont make him a bad guy like so many like to think.

unfortunately tho, most people will probably watch and think.........BS

eventho his story is probably closer to the truth than any of the other stuff we've heard.

umm is he on the panel cuz gary roberts is upfront on otr.

meh the interview on the show was crap but the really otr isnt that bad


find it there. have a listen. admits he made mistakes.

gotta agree with him with what he says.

I want to be a HC too....LOL

Something ironic about him using the media to get his "message" across :wink:

Where do you start ?

Mike, it's the CFL not the NFL.

Mike, you have anger issues, get some help pal.

Mike, your unemployable, get over it.

…Mikes problem was that he did A LOT of ranting…before he did a lot of thinking…The comments to obs’ Irving was the last straw for me…You don’t/can’t dump on the messenger…He ‘blew it’ big time with the Bombers …and he knows it… :expressionless:

i seen the OTR and to be quite honest i still get a good laugh from the professor. Seems he has it in his head that he is “A Coach” and will be “A Coach” once again but he states he would do things differently. Please Kelly we know you have a Weird Love for The Bomber’s, what a way to show it. Is anyone going to give Kelly a chance to coach in the CFL, think again, i would have to think you screwed up any chance you had to become a CFL coach, you had your “dream” job and you blew it, live with it!!!

Time to change topics and look towards the future and forget about 2009 …