Oh boy..the Lions are on the ropes...

The bombers had a party this week that will surley be a memory in it's self, the slumping Lions are stumbling and bumbling against the ropes and are ready for the final blow....running low on QB's and not getting the job done, makes you wonder what Walley Buano is thinking..K Jones is still out there...

Anyone else agree the Lions are finished? I mean they haven’t clinched first yet and they still play in Edmonton, Montreal, and against Sask and Winnipeg. The way Winnipeg played the Lions tonight cannot sit well in the back of a Lions fan’s mind. 11-7 is starting to look very realistic.

No the Lions are not finnished... Next 3 games will tell the tale.. at this point who knows what teams will show up ....BCs 11-0 or the latest 0-3? ..Edm win one lose one ratio?...Can Calgary get the QB situation in order in time?..Will Sask Rebound or stumble against Edm?
This is what enquiring minds want to know :slight_smile:

Finshed, untill DD comes back they are, but they can still beat WPG in week 18, and Edmonton and maybe Saskathewan after that.

They are not finished. We tought Sask was finished after they lost 5 in a row and then they were toppoing everyone's power rankings last week. 70 % of you picked them to beat my birds.

BC still shows the league's best record, and they should be showned the appropriate respect unless they get knocked off their pedestal.

Raise your hand all of those who would like their team to be 11-3... [T&T raises his hand]

I knew someone would post a topic like this but I'm ok with it. I still have faith and stand by the Lions.

The Lions in the last 3 games hasn't been the same as when it won 11 straight. These are not excuses but DD is hurt, the O-line struggling with some injuries, the secondary has been shuffled around with 2 rookies and 2 sophomores in the back field with only Baron Miles as the vet. Lions didn't require FG to win early in the season so Duncan never had any pressure to make them.

I am only making these comments to show you what the Riders went through before switching QBs and getting their starters back in the lineup. So hopefully the Lions get their starters back and turn it around. Even with the injuries, the Lions are still talented and I still expect them to win.

Some people make the strangest statements.

B.C… is FAR from being done.[they have already clinch a play off spot]

They are 4 points ahead of EDMONTON with 4 games to go!

HAMILTON , blew out EDMONTON…but were EDMONTON , done? NO!

The ARGOS , lose to HAMILTON , were they done.? NO!

ALLEN , loses , 1 game against EDMONTON…but he threw for 1 TD and 300+ yards passing…but it was his fault that 3 other ARGOS fumbled and that the ARGO defence couldn’t stop EDMONTON at the end of the game.

As in baseball , all teams go through bad strings.

GOOD , teams survive those times…B.C. , is still the best CFL team.

Looking at the final 4 games…B.C. will still finish first in the WEST , all they have to do is win 2 games.

Yup. But in baseball, you play 162 games. You can afford bad strings. With a 18 games calendar, you must make these strings as unlikely as possible, especially when the playoffs are around the corner.

Trust me. I know what I'm talking about. The Als started the last 9 seasons like maniacs, and then started crumbling near the end. It's really not the nicest way to get in the playoffs. This year, we've done it the other way around, which makes me eager to get to November.

YOU have to WIN a few more games first . You think that B.C. / OTTAWA and the ARGOS are just going to ROLL OVER for MONTREAL :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hey hellothere.
Remember this is Montreal we talking about.Never count them out.
They have had our number over the last few years.Well maybe not last year in the playoffs.They are the team I'm afraid of.
We won't roll over to them.Avery may hand off the ball to Montreal,but we won't roll over.

Roll over? Of course not. Are you implying the Als are not working their butts off to get their victories? We've had only two easy games all year: season opener against Hailton and the Nealon Green Turnover Festival when the Riders were in town. Every other game - win or lose - were tough bouts.

I say we need only one more win to get into the playoffs. Of course, I wouldn't mind getting four more. Know this hellothere: as much as I hope we can beat everyone of our opponents, only the smell of Argos blood really gets me going! October 22nd is the game I want to win.

.....in the Als game here in Calgary I clearly saw Calvillo yawning a lot just before Ted White took over........some of the Als D-linemen were reading the paper and one DB was getting his nails buffed......

Man, they were LEARNING to read. That's though. Especially when you are an adult. They were working hard. Give them credit.

Do YOUR linemen know how to read?... Eh? Do they?....

I am taking for granted that the Leos are finished. If anything happens because of what I said, then great they rebound and smoke the Als and Esks. All good for me either way.

  1. When did I say that MONTREAL didn't deserve their wins? :lol:

fine : but you could lose the rest of your games , just as any team can , and the ARGOS , B.C. , OTTAWA and HAMILTON , will try to beat you.

And as far as last year for MONTREAL , is concerned [we are doing it in reverse] , that was last year.

The NEW ENGLAND PATS , were not # 1 forever. :smiley:

They scared me too...which I have written about meeting them in the play offs. BUT, there are still 4 games to go and any thing can happen.Even to the ARGOS. :smiley:

Just cross your fingers.

do you really think that B.C. are finished.?

Yes I do. Taking it for granted too.

raise my hand