Oh boy.. Regarding Standings

Okay… with bc and saskatchewan winning, as we all know sask. calgary and b.c. are all tied atop the west division at 9-5.
Now… we have the season series on Sask., and Calgary has the season series on us… and with this sask win they will be up 2-1 on calgary for the season with one game remaining next week…
How do the standings get sorted now? There’s seemingly a “menage a trois” going on between these three teams so to speak, and if at the end of the season this still holds true (that each team has the season series against another team) i believe it comes down to division record… but im not sure… and if still tied points for and against… but…
I guess i’ll just have to be patient and wait for calg. and sask. to play again next week… and not to mention our huge game against edmonton under the dome…

But any comments on the above statements would be nice… Have spent the last half hour trying to crunch all sorts of numbers…

I mean, if I'm correct here, we're (bc) in third.. this is no good..
Weird situation really. Came into the weak tied for second with sask. but we had second due to the season series against sask. and now we both win this week and sask. jumps ahead of us (if i'm correct)... mind boggling really.

Oh and division records
B.C. (3-4)
SASK (4-4)
CALG (4-4)

And omg breaking news.. STANDINGS:

  1. SASK
  2. CALG
  3. B.C.

this is because sask holds the season series on calg and they have better divsion records than bc. but hypothetically.. if we were 4-4 in the division it would have to go to points for and against (differential).. and the standing would be

  1. calg (with a points for and against differential of +115)
  2. bc (+60)
  3. sask (+12)
    so hypothetically u could say we're a half game out of second regarding the division game we are "missing"

how come is it they keep saying we clinched a playoff spot?
do the playoffs work differently this year?

last time i checked edmonton has 5 games left, and theyre only 4 points behind us
any of us top 3 teams could go lose a game or 3, if we lose 2 and the eskies win 2 well hmm
we'd be 9-7 and they'd be 9-6

on the score and tsn theyre like ya with the argos loss, the stamps clinch im like wtf?
since when does the east have anything to do with the west standings unless they're playing a team from the west
or someone from the west's standings are indirectly affected by it.

would have made more sense if the argos won and they said with the lions loss, the stamps clinch, but even that wouldnt
make sense to me when the eskies can still catch everyone.

i know i'll get slammed but maybe someone can throw an answer in there somewhere too, thx

If the fourth place team in the west division finishes with a better record than the third place team in the east, then they will cross over and gain the east's third playoff spot. As Toronto can only finish with a maximum of 16 points, Calgary, Saskatchewan and B.C have secured playoff spots by virture of all of them having already earned 18 points. The Argos can still make the postseason, but would pretty much have to win their last 4 games and hope the Eskimos lose their remaining games.

We are guarateed a cross over. (Don't tell ro1313....he hates the cross over rule) :wink:

The way the West is this year. Its quite possible that the Grey Cup could be an All West Matchup.