Oh Baby!

Yeast is locked up for a couple of years now. I’d say our receiving core looks pretty solid this year. Yeast was hot last year, and it’s going to continue this year. Go Cats!

yup! yeast, flick, morreale, brazell, amerson. thats ridiculous

Hope you guys can beat out Montreal and T.O. for top spot in the East but watch out for them Riders, they’ll get ya.

Todd, do you mean the Gades, Ottawa is no longer the Riders.

The Cats receiving corp does look pretty sweet this year, and with a deep-ball guy like McManus at the helm, they could be dynamite.

However … losing both Cheatwood and Montford in one year? You won’t win many games without a good pass rush. Hopefully Marshall has found some good replacements.

Regardless of my personal feelings towards Montford, it does hurt losing him. As for Cheatwood, he’ll be back. Out of the group of CFLer’s that sign with NFL teams in the off season every year, barely any stay. Cheatwood will be back I feel.

Don’t count Cheatwood out. Mike Sellers (Winnipeg) and Lawrence Tynes (Ottawa) are alive and well in the NFL. Cheatwood is a talented lineman playing on a team (Houston) that needs all the help it can get. My gut feeling is that he’ll stick.

And even if he is cut, it won’t be until the start of the NFL season in the fall. That means the TiCats have to fill his spot for at least two months.

Totally. That is exactly where I was going with my thought of him coming back. The majority of CFLer’s come back after NFL cuts. It is frustrating going the first half of the season without keys players, but at least they are coming back at the end. Isn’t the philosophy “It not how you start, it’s how you finish” or something like that.

They haven’t seen him in game action, and there is no way to gauge how he will do so far away from that season. I’m not going to freak out like some Ti-Cats fans…well, at least not yet.

Yeah, I agree. No need to panic. Lancaster isn’t a dunce and wouldn’t have traded Montford for an extra O-lineman unless he was confident about replacements on the D-line for Montford and Cheatwood. It’s just too bad to see that front-four (Montford, Cheatwood, Belli, Scott) dissolve. It was arguably the best in the league last year.

And hey, I wish all the CFL-to-NFLers well, but I have to say that if Thyrone Anderson was cut and came back to my Als, I wouldn’t be shedding any tears. :slight_smile:

And hey, I wish all the CFL-to-NFLers well, but I have to say that if Thyrone Anderson was cut and came back to my Als, I wouldn’t be shedding any tears. :slight_smile:
You’ll understand if I’m not totally backing you on Anderson coming back, (kidding), but ya, we seem to be on the same page. We don’t wish ill will on any of there careers, but when they come back, we’re happy.

The biggest thing with Cheatwood is for every Tynes and Sellers…there twice as many Childress, Sanchez, Dominquez, Keith and so on. But keep in mind, my knowledge of NFL is zero so I don’t know a thing about the Texans or any other team. I can tell you one thing about the NFL, and that is that the Patriots won last year and that is it. So maybe making the Texans is a shoe-in. I don’t know how bad or good they are.

Im both an NFL and a CFL fan and the Texans are based in Houston and they’ve only been in the league maybe 2 years now. There a new team with a lot to prove still. They havent done that great and honestly unless they signed some d-lineman there line sucks. I think Cheatwood will be a shoe in for there line. Unfortanatly enough i dont see Cheatwood comming back to the CFL any time soon :cry:

Re: Cheatwood coming back. Do any of you remember what he signed for. The signing bonus is always a good indication as to the ods of him sticking. They’re not going to pay someone big bucks just for a look see.

Ray was getting 400,000+ to sit on the NY Jets practice roster. To me, that seems like alot, but my idea of what big bucks is, probably isn’t to someone else.

Yeast, I think the 400,000 Ray got was the rookie min. Sad that the rookie min in the NFL is equal almost to the top paid CFL player…

You guys sure about that number? I know for sure his signing bonus down there was only around 165,00. I don’t think he made that much for the Jets, but I could be wrong. It would be interesting to find out.

New York Jets are EVIL!!! :twisted: