Ogopogo and the Ticats GM, the search continues ...

I just came across some interesting news/rumours in the paper this morning:


Now, I know it is Marty York and I take his columns with a grain of salt (sometimes followed by a shot of tequila) but he raises an interesting point regarding Brendan Taman:

[i]"Brendan Taman is the leading candidate to become the new GM of the Tiger-Cats — no ifs, ands or buts about it — but Hamilton might only be able to obtain him from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in a trade.

Taman has a year left on his contract as Winnipeg’s GM and cannot jump to Hamilton without permission from the Bombers’ bosses, who want either a player or a draft choice, or both, from the Ticats before they’d let him talk to them."[/i]

So, if a trade were to happen for Taman, any speculation on who they would offer up?

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Honestly, I will be furious if the Cats trade anybody to the Bombers (or any draft picks) for Taman. O'Billovich, Rita or Mohns are better choices.

That said, if Mitchell becomes insane and decides Taman is worth trading a player, I could honestly see us dealing Ralph or Bauman to the Bombers. They both have Western roots, and potential, but a potential which has not been fulfilled in Hamilton.

I am tempted to say Radelien may be trade bait, too, but I think he'll return and be a bigger part of the team next year when Taafe is fired, and Dickerson is moved to slot in training camp (where he should have played all of last year).

so would this trade just give us permission to talk to him, or automatically give him to us?

because if its just to talk to him then NO WAY


the situation would be similar to the one where the bucs traded some draft picks to the Raiders for Jon Gruden. It would be contingent on Taman leaving - if they talk but can’t work out a contract or whatever then no players or draft choices would change hands.

He not worth giving up anything for.
Plus Winnipeg lost the grey cup due to no Back QB. Who Fault is that I wounder.

This seems to be a shared statement by many and I'm not sure why. Half the teams in the league couldnt sit on a starting QB never mind having a back up. BC, Montreal, Hamilton, Toronto all had about 3 starting QB's throughout the season.

If winnipeg loses the GC with Glenn is it the GM's fault?

Marty York is insane. In the same article he says the Als won't hire Higgins because Matthews said so...Come on !

Looks like the Ticats were hopping Popp would be available. Once that door closed they went after Taman. That door closed, leave Obilovitch, Mohn, Rita, Higgins in no specific order.

Everybody can forget about taman, forget about popp and rita for that matter they are not coming by the looks of it it will be obie wan kenobie and may he bring the force with him, at least with him he can find good talent make sure u move Lumsden to the slot saave his should a little more then if he was a running back, keep caully as our prime tail back abd that should get our offense started, i would also ship out brock ralph, for draft picks or something somewhat useful because he sure a heck isn't all that useful, and get your deep threat in Matt Dominguez, who from what i see is a free agent bring in barrin simpson who from what thr umors are is a free agent and used julian radelian as trade bait as well

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On his CHCH TV sportscast this evening, Ken Welch provided an update on the Ticats' search for a new GM:

-Scott Mitchell has interviewed three candidates but wants to interview one more

-Bob O'Billovich was interviewed last Friday

-Welch did not mention the names of the other two candidates interviewed for the job or the other candidate that Mitchell will be interviewing

-Bombers' President Lyle Bauer denied the Ticats permission to interview Brendan Taman for the job

-It is anticipated that Mitchell will make a decision within the next two weeks

The Cats should continue going after
B.T. even though they do not have
He is the only GM who can give us a
Grey cup in two years.

OBIE is not the answer.

Time will tell if I am right.

what a coincidence the bucs r may fav. NFL team :smiley:

so if we did decide to give them a player(s) or draft pick(s) to talk to him, and we ended up not working anything out, we would still get to keep the prospects we were willing to give up?

....I recall Welch also reporting in the same story that a 2nd Obie/Cats meeting was planned for this week.....

Did anyone else hear the same?

Unless He Quits 1st It is Tampering
Well we get a Huge Fine or Lose that 1st Round Pick.
maybe Both.

No one in his Right Mind Would quit a good Job.
Unless offer a New One 1st .
Something we Can’t do Case that is Tampering

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