Offsides Being Ignored?

I don't know if it is just me, but all over the league this year (my Argos included),I can't help but notice slot-backs being 1-12 yards down field before the snap, but rarely any calls.

The Alouettes pulled it off 3 times last night each resulting in receptions.

Yep, it used to just be Ray Elgard aand Tony Gabriel, but I agree it's rampant.

It’s the “Elgaard-Flutie-Cahoon” rule that has been in force for years. For veteran players, they get the benefit of the doubt. Notice that Brock Ralph’s name is not included in there… :wink:

Milt was off side when He made that Deep Catch in the 1st half
the one that set him up for the Record Breaker.

Just in case you guys are thinking the way I used to, keep in mind when watching fro mthe stands or on TV, the ball is actually snapped before we see it come out, so a good receiever will cross the line noticeably before the QB gets the ball.

totally agree even the bc/sask game had glaring offsides....i wish the would call that it is annoying and so obvious. makes the game look bush league.

It's not as though it's being called consistently. One game it's called to the letter and other games it's loosey goosey (what's a half yard or so over the line).

Re Brock... he has been offside a few times and been nailed for it whereas there seem to be plays/players equally off-side that are not called.

I recall a few years ago when Archie Amerson was called off-side (canceled a big play) and even on instant replay, you could not see him being over the line of scrimmage. Maybe an eye lash or toe nail was too long...

Either call it to the rules or not... just be consistent.