Reciever Offsides,are killing the TiCats, X/O - run along the line of scrimage, or something? but STOP the DRive killing OFFside.penalties. :slight_smile:

Thats you Brock Ralph

Speaking of offsides ... Belli is BRUTAL for that

sack dont cut the guy up for going off side thats all hes good for!

I'm not a fan of him, but i give him credit for his TD catch at the end.

thats the only thing hes done as a ticat. he is susposta be the fastest cat be he was behind a few balls last night so i dono if he was over throwen or what but ya i dont really like him eather.

Ralph will be here a long time, and as the offense matures will be a CFL All-Star.

i hope so i just havent see anything so far to rove any of this beside his speed witch i havent even really seen in a game.

Mass missed him near the end of the first half, also wide open deep. It's a timing thing. Jason hasn't been sharp and the o-line (well improving) struggled early. Brock has size and speed. He's a keeper

NSK, he gave up on that play. Watch it again.

I watched that play twice ,can you post the video on here?

He didn't give up and wouldn't unless negativity comes into play.

While Ralph is still young...he has shown absolutely no sign of being, "a keeper".

I think he's a couple more lazy plays away from a stint on the PR.

hendy, didn’t we use to say that about Yeast? lol

didn't we use to say that about Yeast? lol
Yes, Sig...that is correct. It has turned #5's attitude around. Maybe lightning can strike twice.

It is not Ralph' s fault for his production, he' ll be a hell of a good reciever when get a good quarterback. With Ranek out he has more chances to get the ball and when Lancaster says enough of those dumb sideways passes and shovel passes, I think you will here alot more from Mr. Ralph!!!