have the refs been told to ease up on the offside calls when a receiver is in motion? EVERY game i've seen this year it happens. 4 or 5 times...even more. there was even i play in the lions game last night where the sask receiver was running parallel with the line of scrimmage BUT WAS ON THE WRONG SIDE OF IT!!

just horrible reffing so far this year. the holding that never got called against brent johnson was laughable.


you can either complain about it really hard and cause a hemorrage or you can just relax and not allow yourself to be so consumed about something that truly doesn't directly impact the game!

I noticed that too, Kid. It seems the officials aren't calling offside against the receivers unless they go beyond the one-yard buffer zone.

It's true a foot over the line doesn't really affect the game, and the less we see of the zebras the better. But if they're going to give an offence a first down because a D-lineman's pinky was within the zone, shouldn't they also penalize an offence who has an entire player in it? I don't know, maybe that's just the Hamilton boy in me, a lover of great defence, not wanting to see the offence get an unfair advantage.

And it's not just one team or another; it's every team that's getting away with it. I know there have been plays this year where I expect a good play by my Tiger-cats will be called back, but I'm surprised that there's no flag. I had chalked it up to me being mistaken, but now that someone else has mentioned it too, I wonder.

I don't know, it's probably not that big a deal. I'm just glad to see that someone else noticed it too. Maybe my eyes aren't so bad after all. Maybe I'm not as old as I thought. :wink:

I would bet you that these "offside" non calls, were from shot gun formation.
The thing is that they probably were not offside(well the vast majority)

What IMO is happening is that by the time your eye picks up the ball after the snap, it only seems that the receiver is offside. If you have a PVR, the next time you think it happens, replay it frame by frame and you might be shocked at the timing

That's kind of what I thought was happening, but since I've been watching football for nearly 30 years, and seen a lot of shotgun snaps in that time, if it's only beginning to fool my eyes now, then it means my eyes have suddenly gotten worse.

Hearing that someone else noticed the same thing means there must be more to it.

I don't really care, though, as long as the receiver is not two or three yards downfield, and as long as no one team or no one receiver gets away with it while others do not. (Remember Ray Elgaard?)

That was one of the first things I used my PVR for after I got it last year.
The time it takes for the ball to get back to the QB fools your eyes.
At the time of the actual snap, the receivers that look offside are really just at the L.O.S.

i've checked the replays.

offside is offside.

you don't use SOME of the rules, you use all of them.

I say just let them be offside , the Mysterious holding calls are evening everything out. :stuck_out_tongue:

I started a blog about this after watching a sask game this year. Its a little like holding in that it probaly could be called every play. Like a foul in basketball.

3 offside calls against the Stamps receivers in the first half tonight. centre under the ball though, their timing is all off...

just pointing out that they actually do call it

And every time I thought there should be an offside call, there was.

I guess my eyes and my perception aren't that bad after all.

The philosophy behind flagging offensive offside works like this:

If at the snap, an offensive player is past the LS, it is offside if the official can see the ball snapped behind said player.

Having said that, there are many times where guys are hitting the LS quite quickly and the snap comes where to the official, it is rather difficult to say that he saw the initial movement of the ball. In this case, no flag. In other words, they call the obvious.

In the games that I've watched this year, they are quite consistent on this one. There have been a couple of times where I rewound the PVR only to see that the correct call was made.

I don't fault officials for missing close calls, and I'm not even complaining about when they miss the obvious ones. But there have been times when a guy is a stride or two beyond the line of scrimmage.

People dismissed my statements, said I was wrong, and called into question my ability to recognize an offensive offside, like I'd never seen a football game before. But after picking up on every offensive offside in that game, seeing a flag every time I expected one, I know that my eye is as sharp as it ever was.

Just relieved that I'm not losing my mind or my eyesight, I guess.