"OFFSIDE" In the 4th quarter.

That offside called on Hamilton that resulted in a MTL TD was NOT an offside. The MTL lineman jumped. I watched it on my PVR like 6 times and it was OBVIOUS! I saw it the FIRST time.

we wuz robd!

Another Call against the TiCats, the refs are hard to beat

Refs were very tough on Montreal last night.
Don't recall that one.

I don't think Belli's hit on AC was a roughing the passer either.

I feel your pain. Both teams had a lot of penalties. Doesn't make for a good flowing game. Seemed like we always got the ones that had bigger impacts.

Didn't look like a late hit, but he did lead with his helmet. You could even see Belli rubbing the back of his neck several times on the sideline. Looked like he hurt himself by jamming his neck. Bad play.

Though the officials finally seemed to acknowledge another team on the field (re not all one-sided penalties), there were a couple of other questionable calls/non-calls.

  • Cats goal line penalty - announced as being procedure against Marwan Hage; did he move the ball to try to draw Montreal offside or, I noticed, when he positioned the ball to snap it, he moved it a couple of inches forward (all centers seem to do it) into the 1 yard area

  • on Cats failed 3rd down gamble, center of Montreal line seemed to move early, no call

  • Flick was screened in endzone by Als defender, no call, but similar screening was called against Als (Flick again) later near middle of field (though contact was also made, maybe reason for call)

  • Belli late hit, close and questionable; if called for leading with helmet, why wasn't call made last game when Maas got hit helmet-to-helmet (causing nose/mouth bleed)?

IMO, still too much inconsistency from the officials.

That was good defense. No penalty.

It's only a screen if you raise your arms BEFORE the ball gets there.

In this case it was timed perfectly. As the catch was being made, the defendser raised his arm and knocked the ball out of the receiver's hands. Very good defence.

I agree the officiating seems suspect, but to answer some of your points:

  • I'm pretty sure the Hage procedure was because he move the ball into the neutral zone. I agree this is common practice, but he may have pushed the envelope.

  • the no call on the pass interference against Flick was because the guy hit the ball. If he didn't hit the ball, he would have been screened. It was even worse the second time, but the 'Cats had a holding penalty, so they offset. Almost seemed unfair for those penalties to offset.

  • I think the Belli call was wrong. I don't think he lead with his helmet any more than any of the Montreal players who hit Maas on 2nd and long

Overall, not a great game by the refs, but both teams had a lot of infractions, and things were getting heated. The refs had to keep things under control.

The reffing is always questionable whenever the Als are playing. I've watched several Als games not vs. the Cats and the refs must be bosom buddies with the Als or something. Don Matthews just seems to get some calls his way when it matters. Though Montreal was penalized quite a bit last night, the Cats were penalized when it mattered and it killed drives for the Ticats O and sparked drives for the Als O.

You can watch it 1000 times but you only see what you want to see!

To listen to you guys you would think the cats would have never lost game in it's history if not for the refs.

I suggest you check out the main forum once in a while because there are fans from other teams who say the same about the Cats

I'll admit that the Cats shot themselves in the feet over and over again, and I wouldn't presume to lay the loss at the feet of the officials but..

On that blocked punt that was scooped and returned for an Als TD, I thought I saw a lineman for the Als jump offside. Yet it wasn't called. Did he manage to get back on side before the Cats centre snapped the ball?

Why dont you guys just come out and say there should have been a penality called against Montreal on every play????


nah.... but it's very discouraging to think that every time the Ti-Cats play, their opponents will be the black and white striped players.

And I remember the story, quite well timed, I must admit, about AC whining that the CFL defenses throwing late hits on QBs. Nice that it got to the national sports pages where the CFL's ninth team reads it - you know, the ones with the stripes?

The sad part of the blocked punt for a TD is that it was Chip Cox who blitzed, stepped offside, jumped back in time, and then bust right up the gut to block the punt. He did not even have forward momentum at the snap of the ball and still got there. That play was awful :frowning:

CFL refs are inconsistant for all 8 teams. Top level coaches like Matthews are skilled at lobbying the refs for future calls. It is part of the job.