Walker would be great, but I don’t think we can just hand over what he wants. Tasker is a thought too, at the right price. Has had some injury issues though. We need top players, but we can also use that SMS cash for a returning player, if Sayles or Rose doesn’t make it down south, for example, or picking up a good end of year cut from another team. Walters knows the score and will likely make a good decision for us.

Still basking in the glow here.......If the season is delayed or cancelled we may hold the championship longer and that's good and humourous.

If all the other leagues start up when all is calm, like I keep hearing, we may be going head to head with the all the big boys. Bring it on...I ain't afraid.

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I still have THE game PVRed so I may have to watch it I it's entirety one evening.

I have watched each playoff game and the GC three times now. Such a show of domination is a pleasure. I am proud of the Bombers. It was almost worth the wait.

Hope you and yours are doing OK Aulcee.

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Glad to see you guys are alive and kicking.....Suffering from football with drawl as I guess all of us who dwell on here are....Hard to see an end game at this particular time as far as this virus goes...A deadly killer on the loose has to be stopped some time ...hope for the best so we can return to normal...Take care guys

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I watched the Grey Cup game last night and I'll be darned if we didn't win again ! GO BLUE. Stay safe friends.

Yeah you guys definitely kicked our ass. It’s funny, if I ever see replays of the ‘86 or ‘99 grey cups I get the same feeling, like I can’t believe Hamilton actually won. If we had to lose to anyone, I’m glad it was Winnipeg since you guys were overdue and definitely deserved it.

Hope everyone out in Winnipeg is staying healthy. I hold out hope for a shortened season but don’t expect anything at this point. If it is cancelled, you guys will get an extra year to savour that victory. :football::football::football::football::grinning::grinning::grinning:

Long live the CFL! Cheers

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The Bombers grabbed another kicker from the draft and he's another Western product. Marc Liegghio took over for a guy named Lirim. Remember him ? We never gave him enough of a chance and now some team south of the border thinks he is good enough for the NFL......We need to give Liegghio a chance even if he falters. I watched him as much as I could when i was in Ontario and he's a gamer. Medlock is getting older.

Liam had 2 years. One very good one, one very bad one if I recall. I can remember several games he was directly the cause of a loss I think the
club hated to let him go but had no choice. I think the new guy is a great pick up by all accounts. He's going to have a hard time wedging his way in but you never know

Noah Hallet ...this kid is going to start almost immediately...Certainly a position of need and where we can insert a canuck...I can't believe he lasted till the 18th. overall and nobody grabbed him...Walters is pretty sure fire with most of his pics....wouldn't be surprised to see a few more gems out of the bunch we selected....Kyle is becoming one of the best minds in the CFL

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The kid is a kicker alright Dan....Grooming him till Meds. pulls the pin...Watching some of his field goal efforts were very impressive...Didn't miss many... His punting is very strong...guess that's why his nickname is Leggs..I thought the cats were going to be all over this guy but they waited too long and we grabbed him...Some say he's the best kicking prospect since Rob Maver...We'll take it

Good to hear from you Papa and Aulcee. I hope you and your families are doing OK in these crazy times.

When I lived in Ontario it was nothing for me to go to OUA games and there were many to chose from. Western, McMaster and Guelph were my favs so I know the Hallett boys..... Truth be told, I would watch any university football game if it was on TV !!!!....... I can't believe Noah was still available either. I love watching Canadians play our game. And the Canadian version of football is the best, bar none.

We have to stop expecting a superstar his first year. Some of these kids need time, some don't. Seems we are more lenient with imports than with our homegrowns and it has cost us in the past. The team Lirim was kicking for when with us was not exactly a barnburner. Lirim was put on the spot too many times because the team could not score TDs ! He became the scapegoat.

For not having a first round pick i think we did fine in the draft. Way to go Kyle !

Hi Dan......still hanging in there...hope you and yours are okay.....Just a little heads up about 'Leggs'....According to 3rd down, and reported today, that Liegghio kicked a 70 yard field goal in practice ...Can't wait to see this guy in action for the team.........................................or anyone for that matter (I know not funny and I hope we can get things going....eventually)

Just this morning i decided to post a letter here just to remind everyone that we are still Grey Cup Champs and get the rust out of our team forum. Serendipity, Papa.
All is well as can be expected. We had big plans for this summer and it is slowly fading away but we can still enjoy our house and backyard.
If Leggs can kick a 70 yard FG he must be able to punt a good distance too. :grinning:

Leggs was All Canadian Punter and Kicker last year, his punting average was 47.5. He can compete.

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Hey guys,just sticking my head in the door to say Hi. And yes, we are still the champs !

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Thanks Tee. Only been following on the interweb since I moved to NS.. I knew he was good from before.

Good to hear from you , my friend.

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Still is the off season that has gone on forever...Hope we hear good news Mon. and we finally get back to playing....We're still the champs 2 years running (heh heh)....Seriously even with the late start-up time, Ill take anything at this juncture ....August can't come soon enough

We're baaaaack! I still don't know how to work this site though....