Still seems to early to talk about next year, as I still want to revel in this feeling…

But, lots of news already about coaching positions around the league, and many more to come.

Are staff contracts public? Are all 3 up in the air? From what I’ve heard we should have MOS back, but it sounds like LaPo will move on to bigger things. Did Hall do enough to have him back? I know many Bomber fans wanted him gone for years, but it would be good to have as much continuity as possible.

Buck Pierce is ready to move up to OC.
Recently Osh has been pumping his Coach’s tires, seems like he’s positioning for some moves.
Sure sounds like he’s coming back.

I’m thinking Lapolice will have his choice of Ottawa, Toronto and B.C. for a head coaching gig.
After giving up 1 touchdown in the last 10 quarters of the playoffs, Hall has to be retained, IMO.

Ya…if Mike stays I think Lapo goes to BC. And Buck goes to OC. You guys convinced Mike stays hey? I’m not. I still think he wants to go home and is fed up somewhat with the Winnipeg noise makers and now that he has delivered.

And how or why in hell would Hall coming back even be a question. Unless he wants out.I mean…how can that that even be asked?

Do you have any reason to think that? (Mike leaving) Every indication, including what Walters has said is that he will stay.

You’re an Al’s fan, right? Do you know how crazy our fans are, they’ve had pitchforks out for him for over 2 years now. Yes, he absolutly got it done when it mattered most (this year).
Just like the QB, it’s easy to give the blame/credit to the Co-ordinators.
For what its worth I’d want him back as I stated in the OP, but It wouldn’t be a slam dunk for the fanbase at all.

The only fans who are ever satisfied are of whichever team ends up winning the Grey Cup, and then only temporarily. Fans are always kvetching and finger pointing after any loss.


It’s the nature of pro sport though. When tickets cost more than a few dollars, well every ticket buyer has paid for the right to publicly air his two cents.


Well I’m also a fan of the BB.
I spent a good amount of time on hear in battle with 2 departed “fans” you might recall. It was pretty sparse around here then.

But its nice to see posters bounce back to the BB forum. Many of you have a lot to offer.

…A lot of movement every off season…coaches are the first domino to fall…Some fans suggesting that Maas should be considered for OC IF Lapo moves along…Don’t like that idea and he wouldn’t be a good fit…too off the wall for O’Shea…I can see Elizondo coming back to the CFL…Edm. would definitely be on his list…I’m calling Campbell for that spot …although B.C. …if they don’t hire Lapo, are most likely going to pursue the former Ottawa head honcho…

…As far as filling our vacancy at OC …I think Pierce is ready to step up…continuity and hiring from within should be given serious consideration…Hall will most likely be asked to return HOWEVER I have a hunch he’s looking at retirement and going out a winner…Who would replace Ritchie IF that happens is going to be interesting ??

…I think most of our players will want to return…money and the sms being a concern there,but every team faces that…

…A lot of off season to answer a few questions…and much too early to get into that discussion seriously…although a lot of attempts are being made…me included lol

My reasons:
He let his contract run out
talks a lot about what he’s missed with his family while living in Manitoba
must be tired of “Fire MOS” rhetoric every year. Now that he’s won the GC he’s loved.

If TO fires Chamblin I think he goes home to TO

It is early but the changes will happen quickly.
I expect to see Chamblin to be next on the hit list.

Precisely! That’s been my concern all along. And it’s the “fire O’Shea/No’Shea” crowd I’m going to blame if Michael O’Shea leaves the Bombers.

Quite simply right now I see no clearly better candidates than O’Shea for the Bombers’ head coaching job. Therefore i’m very afraid that without O’Shea the Bombers won’t return to the Grey Cuo Game in 2020.


A lot of that has to do with the media in Winnipeg. And a few very vocal posters on here, which I’m sure are one and the same. They seem to have an agenda for him.
But I agree, over the years he’s been here you could see the stress wear on him. He wouldn’t be under the microscope in Tor that’s for sure.

If money is the concern, then players should stay in Winnipeg, a pretty good chance this team does well next season.
By my count each rostered Bomber earned $23,000.00 in playoff loot.
Other than Calgary, Sask, Winnipeg and Hamilton any of the others have a reasonable chance of missing playoff income…

LaPo as good as gone it sounds like.
While he’s had some great stretches, he also had some terrible ones too. I did not like his first run as HC here, and I think that still forms some of my opinion on him. We know our O has struggled with him at the helm, but all we hear about is his creative genius. We also know he is very well liked around the league, and that obviously means more than my opinion! But I think we’ll survive without him.

That’s a great point. For many players that would be as much as a 25% increase.

BFox, as the originator of “NoShea”, I think you may have misunderstood my issue with him.
I am on this record, and others, as believing he is (now) a superior head coach. I hope he stays. I suspect he’s climbed the mountain and now plans to seriously consider going home.

“No” was awarded to him following a long run of him choosing to never be forthcoming with us, The Owners. I think I observed, tongue in cheek, that when Wad has his pending heart attack, all MoS will say is “I believe its upper body, we’ll see after tomorrow’s practise”.

I know, I know, not confirming that Streveler’s ankle hurt kept that info away from Hammy, so no one twisted it in the pile…lmao

Speaking of which, has there been any confirmation on Strev’s injury(ies)?

I thought we might get the long list of what everyone played thru, but haven’t seen it anywhere.
I had heard that Strev had a broken bone in his foot, not sure where I heard that…was “rolling rocked” at the time…
No mention on CJOB on Monday nite.

And just before Xmas…and free agency…food for thought if anyone’s thinking of accepting an offer to say go pay $2200.00 a month to rent in BC or Toronto…