How have you guys been surviving the offseason so far? My soccer has been taking my mind of the cfl but now my seasons over and im barely survivng. :stuck_out_tongue: So what have you guys been doing?

the question is…what the H is the shiv doing about the qb position…why hasnt he announced any new blood coming to tc yet…I would be getting a little nervous about now…JC even the bombers are bringing in an nfl journeyman to stir the pot and give glenn some competition…

What is the big deal we have a Cfl QB in Greene,show some confidence in Nealon,Losing Hank proved to be not a free ride to the Cup for Calgary like everyone tthought(he choked again!! Shore up the Secondary is what we need,bring in some new blood,this core has been together now 6 seasons,keep the core(Davis and McCalla).We got burned way tooo much last year

I will not show any confidence in Greene. I would be happiest if he did not even come to Training Camp.

I don’t disagree that new blood would be good for the secondary. But I still think they are the best unit in the CFL. I think its more the schemes that allow us to be burnt on those 2nd and longs.

My wishlist is better recievers, and if possible a new QB.

The thing is that Greene tends to have awesome TCs, then craps the bed when the season starts......if we don't get a new QB this year, then at the very least Crandell should be the starter.....make Greene bench decoration.....

Johnsobo are you on crack???!! Confidence in Greene, really??He's a useless tit and hasn't done anything for the riders. The back-up QB's, besides himself, aren't even afraid of losing their job to him. Riders aren't getting anyone of value this year, read my post in the Bennefield topic. Had an inside source tell me that one.

sparkyjay, do you use the same dealer as Johnsobo? Who is your inside source? The person who sews the Gainer Costume? If you believe that rubbish that you posted on the Bennefield topic, you really are not a person who is knowledgable about the operations or the Riders at all.

lol, what offseason, all you've guys done is lose players! lol

Well, that would still be happenings in an offseason, wouldn't it Einstein?

I just heard something very disturbing........did the riders really claim Kerry Joseph off the waiver wire........apparently it was a mistake by the renegades to put him on in the first place.......but the league may have voided......I am not sh1tting you......ths is actually floating around out there.....

Yah I heard the same thing too, apparently the Renegades screwed up and Joseph got put on the waiver wire and the Riders claimed. The league stepped in and Joseph is still with the Renegades.

Now that would be a score. I don't care what way we got someone to replace tweedle dum and dee, be it stealing off an accidental waiver, to smuggling a kid in from mexico. DO IT

So narles, i guess you are the expert in rider knowledge? If so why don't you tell us what is going on this offseason or maybe just shut your pipe! My source is a member of the team so i'd be more inclined to believe this person than you.unless of course you are a member of the rider organization.

Hey easy there sparks, I to know people who are associated with the day-to-day running of the Rider office. As for being an expert, no. As for figuring out what is going on, especially losing FA's and not signing any new blood, I have not got a clue as to what management is up to. I do however know that Shivers and Barrett are not being rewarded finacially to let players go. To do so would be the financial ruin of the team as soon as that officially got out to the fans. I still maintain that if you believe that, you have been sold a bill of goods or at the very least misunderstood whatever your friend told you.

Yeah, I agree woth Narles... No team would do that. They would never let a coach and a GM take the rest of what's left.

I will tell this to all the Rider fans out there, dont expect much from the team this year. There is a strong possibility that this team will finish last in the division, cause they have not made any improvements during the offseason. The only significant thing they did was to let McCallum go, and that is going to haunt this team. He was the star player of this team, but people want to crucify him for ONE kick.
The problem with the Riders is systematic. It goes right from the teams volunteer Board of Governors right on down. Shivers is another problem as well. He is supposed to be a good judge of talent, but how do you explain how he doesnt notice guys like Clermont and Ryan who are right under his nose??? Lets not forget where Jason Maas is right now, he could have been a Rider!!!!