OffSeason Time Waster

Gang we have a long offseason ahead of us. Here's something to help pass the time.

Assume Ottawa was joining the league in 2010, and there's to be an expansion draft. Assume further, that each existing team is only allowed to protect one QB. If you were the GM of the new Ottawa team, what 3 QBs would you select? Here is the list from which to choose. I am putting in brackets the starter who would likely be protected, and then I list the available QBs from each team; I am only listing QBs who have actually played this past season, I haven't listed guys who languished on practice rosters. Ignore contracts, free agency, and so on; from this list based on your perception of the talent available, what 3 QBs would you draft to start your new team off? Additional rule; you can only select ONE from a particular team (i.e. you don't pick all 3 from BC)

BC: (Printers); Pierce, Jackson, Lulay, Champion

Calgary: (Burris); Nealy, Tate

Edmonton (Ray); Maas, Zabransky

Saskatchewan (Durant): Jyles, Bell

Winnipeg (BIshop); LeFors, Santos, Bramlet

Hamilton (Glenn); Porter,Tafralis

Toronto (Joseph); Pickett, Reaves

Montreal (Calvillo); MacPherson, Leak

First off, I would say that its a longshot that Wally protects Printers. Jarious Jackson or Buck Pierce would be the wiser choices..

anyway, for the sake of argument, I will take Jarious Jackson to be my starter.. Jackson is the more durable of the two potential starters.. nobody else even comes close.

As a back-up I would take Porter.. he has the most potential to become a star in this league

My third string guy would be Maas.. I wouldn't use him for a lot of games, but he has been in the league long enough to be a player-coach, and be pressed into service on an emergency basis only.

Interesting puzzle indeed. If I was the GM of the Ottawa non-roughriders I would take as much talent from my eastern counterparts as possible in the hopes of weakening my primary opponents. In that vein I would pick:
From Montreal: Adrian MacPherson
Hamilton: Quinton Porter
Sask: Steven Jyles

I beleive any one of those 3 could be a starter for my new team.

This time around, they had better revise the rule about QB protection. Teams got to protect four QBs last time, which was ridiculous. Personally, I'd only allow teams to protect 2 QBs, thereby giving the expansion a fighting chance to snag a diamond in the rough rather than a Dan Crowley journeyman type.

LOL, hell will freeze over before Trestman lets McPherson go unprotected. Ottawa might get Leak, though.

Remember, the rules state that only 1 QB can be protected. Protect MacPherson and let Cavillo be picked up?

It is probably more likely that they get to protect 2 QB's so I'll change your list a little with my guess at protected in ()'s

I'd take Jackson (durable starter) from BC, Maas (great team guy and practically a QB coach) from Edmonton, and Trafalis (who could start after a couple of years) from Hamilton.

My bad, didn’t realize those were the rules of this game. In the actual expansion draft, I am almost certain that each team will be able to protect two QBs, not one.

By the time Ottawa comes back into the league, Calvillo may well be retired and McPherson the starter. :wink:

Yes, I know it's quite possible that each team will be able to protect 2 QBs, but for the purposes of this little game assume they can only protect one. . . and we're also assuming for the purposes of this game that Ottawa is joining the league now, not 2013, in which case many of these QBs may not be around, and some starters may not be starters anymore; it's just a game.

My choices would be:


Good choices MJ, although I'd try to snag one vet QB to be a backup / mentor.

If only one is protected, I'd take


I would take Jackson, Macpherson and Maas/Tafralis. The reason I split the last two is because I think it would depend on the coaching staff. As was mentioned earlier, Maas is like a coach with equipment on so that could help Adrian a lot and even benefit Jarious. However if they had a solid group of coaches(head coach...o coordinator...qb coach) that could get the young guys to buy in and play well, then I would go with Tafralis.

Hopefully they are only allowed to protect one QB. But it will probably be two. That would mean one of the BC QB's would be the best bet. However, BC would probably trade Jackson and maybe Pierce as well to Winnipeg and Toronto rather then lose them for nothing. Pickings would be pretty slim if that happened.

Porter: I think he's better then Glenn
Lefors: Very underrated
Maas: a solid third.

Me - I'd take 1. Lulay - young , looks good thus far
2. Maas- back up and teacher
3. ????

one young guy - Jarious is too old. One veteran - Maas - good team guy. :cowboy:

First of all, MadJack, thanks for making sure that no one could clean out our stable of Bomber QBs... :lol:

I would probably go with McPherson for starter, Jackson to come off the bench, and Tafralis for grooming (can't have Lulay if I take Jackson; the other option would be #2 Maas and #3 Lulay). I still think Pierce should retire while he can make the decision for himself.


Ottawa in 2010?

You haven't heard?

Marty York reports that three Left Wing Loonie Councillors have moved from Vancouver to Ottawa, they are Going to turn Frank Clair Stadium into a house for the homeless and put a Safe injection site in the Locker rooms. :lol: :lol: :lol: Mark Cohon announces that Ottawa will now return to the league in 2019.


Jason Mass
Jarius Jackson
Unknown College Kid

....Besides being talented the first two have been affiliated with a winner....some of it must have rubbed off
....Lulay has all kinds of for this kid in the future :wink:

I would only take two of the above and try to sign ritchie williams.