JUST speculation, but is it not obvious that EE,s and Ticats, get holding penalties, whenever they get a good drive going? or a R the P call when their d,s make a big stop??? anyone else notice? could this be retribution for last seasons trade?

No, it has to do with the poor offensive lines they have.

re-sportsman-is it not common knowledge that ALL o linemen hold, and there could be holding called on every play, why only at certain times is it called?

I doubt that the refs are ripping both Hamilton and Edmonton off.

massdestruction;Oh boy!Are you in trouble now!Don't you know if you question the refs in any way,the pretty boys will come on here and tell you ,you're only complaining because your team is losing.

Yeah and I just love your conspiracy theory :roll: :roll: :roll:

Good teams find ways to win around officiating mistakes.

My Grandson's coach has the best line. "So, the officials made a few mistakes today on the field, how many mistakes did we make as a team?"

Well Dan0 and mass of whatever! The truth is the Refs before the game meet and say hey thats screw this team around. The fact your olineman were holding is the reason they got flagged. Many teams olineman get flagged when they hold. Sure there maybe a few that gets past a ref but they can not see everything. Your team did not lose because of the reffing. They lost because your team did not play as good as the other team. How is that simple enough for you two. :lol:

I got a better one, refs can't be helped, you gotta play though it, like a bad mistake in Go, where one you, or in this case the refs, make a move, it's final, you can't take it back, but you can still win the game, jsut gotta give it all you got.

Walk a mile in someone else's shoes!

The refs call BS calls both ways. In the Cal-Edm game, there was a BS pass interference call against Edmonton that sustained a drive leading to a field goal, and later on there was a BS roughing the passer call against Calgary leading to a TD.

So what?

The reffing will never be perfect, but compared to previous years it has been awesome so far in '06. It certainly hasn't been biased, and trying to say the Eskies or Tabbies are losing exclusively due to reffing would be just plain dumb.

Thats an understatment! Again the guy spouts of his knowledge and then runs out of gas trying to show it! :lol:

thanks for the replyz - i know the subject is taboo, bbut - i cant recall seeing a flag for holding on an olineman in the nfl, cant recall - another point - when spurgion wynn was clobberd in sask, the sask lineman was suspended by the cfl, sametype of play happened on maas and nothing done- ? human error is a factor, yes, and im not blaming the ticats season on the officials, but it would be nice if they put the flags away and just let the players decide the outcome

I agree if it is flagrant and effects the out come of the play throw the flag! :lol:

re -redwhite2005- dont have to throw the flags EVERY play, imo, -and not throwing them can be just as damaging, - ie, no call on the pass int on dj flick , vs argos labour day, cost a td, and certainly affected the final outcome,(darren flutie , called it) – can see it if it was the wwe or the nhl – THE point about the nfl is they dont make their players look bad - CFL officating is not HELPING the CFL,s tv image , .

I love it when the CFL refs are compaired to the NFL.

It seems the NFL fans are just as annoyed with there refs [url=] ... igged.html[/url]

Most fans will say that the worst officials in the world are the ones of the league they follow.

The Cats have lost 4 in a row by a combined score of 154-21, and their last 4 home games by a combined score of 140-16. Maybe if they lose a game by less than 20 points, or even score a touchdown, they can start blaming the officials.

Sure they've had a lot of bad calls against them, and very few go their way. But this team is 2-10 because of the guys in black and gold, not the guys in black and white.