Our commissioner recognizes the CFL’s survival will be based on the ability to expand and attract new fans.

However, they’re still major major obstacles to overcome & everyone refuses to acknowledge them:

  • Attendance and in Toronto, Vancouver & Montreal (the only cities with NHL & MLS teams) all fighting for fan dollar
  • Officiating still a very large problem getting better slowly too slowly
  • Mexico project nice idea but its a very small market

Just enjoy what we’ve got otherwise we’ll be arguing these points to death. The league will either change or it won’t.

Life’s too short to worry about it.

What makes you say Mexico is a small market? They are hoping for 50,000 in future games there

I think those obstacles are pretty much universally acknowledged.

Attendance - this issue is acknowledged by everyone, you want a public, negative statement from the Commissioner or something?
Officiating - shouldn't be acknowledged; it is like beating a dead horse and is massively overstated, grumpy-old-fan issue that will never go away regardless of the actual quality of officiating.
Mexico - a pipe dream. If an Atlantic team doesn't get launched by 2020 forget this.

I don't see how the two are related.