Anyone who bashes CFL refs (and thankfully this has decreased recently) should take a long, hard look at the other leagues on this continent. Considering that they have a smaller budget than the refs for the NHL, MLB, NBA or NFL, they do a damned good job - frankly, it seems to be a better job than those others, even though they have less money to work with (and no instant replay, yet). For example:

Hockey refs can't seem to figure out what is a penalty and what isn't. Ference got a penalty for bodychecking last night (last I checked, hockey was a full-contact sport). When even the announcers can't figure out what the penalty was, there's a problem. NHL refs are about the most inconsistent I've seen, and it makes watching the NHL absolutely infuriating ...

NFL refs ... well, we need look no further than the Superbowl. They're not perfect (as some seem to assume everything associated with the NFL is).

And then there's MLB umpires. Every night I watch sports highlights, I see at least one instance of a brutally blown call by an umpire. And these aren't judgement calls, either. Usually, it's a matter of if the runner beat the throw. And if the umps are getting something this basic, and definite, wrong once a night, then I think there's a problem.

Even if we weren't comparing them to other refs, CFL refs do a great job. When you consider the money question, it makes it that much more impressive. And if you consider how well the refs that have likely had at least 10x as much money invested in their job do, well, then I don't think there's much more basis for bashing CFL refs. Let's hope it stays that way ...

Id say NHL probly has the worst. this year atleast.

The NHL has taken the word "discretion" away from being a referee. They are mandated to call certain penalties no matter what. The biggest problem is that this new system is in it's infancy and must go through a period of transition before we begin to see consistency with it. And yes, it's damn infuriating.

The NBA refs are so bad nowadays Its completely runined hoops for me. They love being on TV, and are constantly giving breaks to their superstars. Of all the leagues, I believe it is the most biased officiating system on a day-to-day basis.

People will always complain about the refs, no matter how good they become, because they can't stand the thought of their team not being good enough to win.

That's what being a fan brings.

I will focus on one CFL referee, Dave Yule. He has made some brutal calls over the years, and I wish I could have documented them. Since im a rider fan i know the calls he has made against us that were questionable. Remember the RB named Bobby Johnson we had? In BC place, he was tackled, the play was blown dead, so he put the football on the ground. BC defensive players picked up the ball and ran it back, and it was called a fumble!!! The referee of that game? Yule. I remember another game against Hamilton at Ivor Wynne, the rider QB(cant remember exaclty who it was), threw an incompletion, the ball bounced into the arms of the defensive back and he ran it back, after he was tackled, they called it an interception!!!Replays clearly show the ball had bounced a good five yds in front of the DB!!! Another game with Yule as referee. The most brutal officiated Grey Cup game was 1989, although we won that game, Yule made terrible calls throughout the game, going both ways. I dont care how much or how little he gets paid, this guy does NOT belong in the CFL!!!!

PS-- If any others have any call against their team by this guy, by all means post it.

Any system that is reliant on humans to make calls that are based on a matter of inches will have some screw ups, its inevitable. What has always gotten me is (and this happens a lot more in the nhl than the cfl)is when refs try to even the game or when they ignore very clear examples of a penalty. Ill give examples of both (using hockey examples since theyre fresh in my mind):

Roenick is one on one with a defenceman and the ref is between them but on the side. Roenick gets hit in the face with a high stick and goes down bleeding on himself and the ice. There is no call from the ref claiming he didnt see it. On a one on one where else is the official looking?

Refs trying to balance the game are by far the worst because that is not what they are there for. The refs are there to make final rulings on plays and to make sure that no one gets intentionally hurt. In games like football and hockey theres a lot of violence the refs are there to control the violence. If one team is clearly being undisciplined and the aggressor penalize them appropriately but dont then try to even things out by giving the other team some penalties too if there are none being comitted

When it comes to baseball refs I think they are pretty good.
There are 6 out calls per inning and 9 innings per game for a total of 54 calls
With 15 games being played per day thats a total of 810 out calls per night.
Then there is the unknown number of times that a player can be called safe along with balls and strikes.
One bad call on the news per night is pretty darn good if you ask me!

Must be Yule’s Father-in-law…still sore about him marrying his daughter! :wink:

The magic word in sambo's post is REPLAY
Honestly sambo how many of those calls did you decide were bad after seeing the replay?

they were bad when they were made, and the replay showed just how bad

What I mean to say is were you certain thjey were bad calls before seeing the replay or did you decide after seeing it.

they were bad BEFORE i even sawtthe replay, I was watching those games when those calls were MADE

Well I dont think that they do all that bad a job. Sure they miss calls but on the whole I think they do OK.

Most do ro, but this one guy who i named doesnt know what he is doing, and it not just in rider games, its in other games as well.

methinks Sambo you won't have a very easy time complaining about the refs here. Some Rider fans on this site all last season were notorious for blaming the refs for every little thing that went wrong with their team all last year. Call it residual eye rolling.

They even blamed the timekeeper and accused him of not starting and stopping the clock fairly!
They said he was bought off :roll:

... when in fact he was just another failure hired by Shivers.

Im complaining about all the refs, just one in particular... He seems to blow a call in every game he referees it seems lilke....

I would have to say that the NBA officials are the worst of all. If you are a superstar in the NBA you could run the whole court and dunk it and they wouldn't call it travelling.