The one area the CFL needs to improve on is the officiating. I dont think the CFL officials know the rules very well, or just trying to get airtime. They made a lot brutal calls last year, and I think its time for video replay so they can see the mistakes they make. I will not go into detail here , as i dont have that much space or time to dedicate to the mistakes. Mr Wright, if you want to make a mark on this league, make your legacy as the commish who improved the officiating the the CFL

To bad they are not as good as the refs who did the Superbowl

Calling a penalty based on the rules and based on your opinion of what happened in a bang bang play are 2 different things.

There will be video replay this year

I'm curious to see what the league will do with the VR, will it be like the experiment they did in TD Atlantic 1 (which is the way I think they should do it for real) or will it do it compelty differently

I only how that they don't add any more Time Outs, 1 in enough.

here we go again

let just see what happens, then we'll talk.

I really REALLY hope it's just how they did it in TD Atl, that IMO was the Best way, except with the addision of a TMO.

The video replay will be ineffective..... if the officials have a hard time making the right call now, what makes people think that a video will help them any??

Being an offical is a difficult job. No matter what you call you piss off fans. You can not please both sides.

There are always questionable calls in every proffesional sports leagues. The way the NFL refs called the superbowl this year, I'd have to say that CFL refs are better.

They are using Virtual Reality now?? So does tha mean that players won't even be on the field, but in their homes with head sets on? So I still have to go the stadium to watch??

How does this work

I agree the refs had a bad day in the Super Bowl! But again they see it at a different spot on the field then viewers watching the game on TV or different areas of the stadium.

Because an actual play happens really quickly and the refs are only human so they do make mistakes (sometimes they didn’t see something or they are in the wrong position), but if they are given a chance to slow down that play and have it played over and over again they can make the right call.

Some people say hindsight is 20/20, well video replay is the refs hindsight. Of course they might get that wrong too, which has happened in the NFL, but at least they got a second shot to get the call right, especially if that call is vital to the game.

I wouldn't say CFL refs are bad - especially when comparing them to NHL refs. And the NFL refs did blow it in the Superbowl. Considering the money available in the NHL and NFL, versus that available in the CFL - how much do you figure a CFL ref makes, compared to others? - I think they do a damn good job.

If they do such a good job, why do the commentators always say they miss calls, and they do that quite a few times in game. If it comes down to money, then maybe its time to pay the officials more.

Sounds like your maiking excuses before the season starts.......AFter watching the NFL playoff games, I'll take the CFL Refs any day!

Chris Walby doesn’t know if he’s bored or punched…If you are making that comment based on Walby, then…that speaks for itself.

Its not just Walby who says that, i said commentator(s), that is plural , meaning MORE THAN ONE.....

Maybe its because they get to see the play over and over again on the monitors is slow motion and the refs don't!

Video replay is in this year so lets see if they can get a few critical calls right this time