What is with the officiating lately? The games the last couple of weekends have been laughable with really bad calls going both ways. I'm not a proponent of instant replay but can't these guys see?

Reffings been bad all year long. Commentators on TV are even picking apart the CFL refs (ex. Mon/Ott today with the no yards call). I think it’s time to implement an instant replay and completely re-hire new refs for next season and train them extensively. The joke of an officiating crew that we have in the CFL this year believe it or not were supposedly trained in the off-season last year. Yeah right…

Again and these guys are not Rider Fans!

My beef is with TSN for not showing a single replay of the Thelwell catch. It was ruled a fair catch until the Eskimos complained. Why was the replay not shown? :?:

It looks to me by the way they do their jobs, that CFL ref's are sent to school south of the border where the officiating is known to be done by Braille :wink:

I was sitting about 15 yards away from that catch. The official behind the play ruled it a catch, but before the Esks could start to complain, another official who saw it from the front ran over and started to talk with the first official. It was him who eventually ruled the catch incomplete. I doubt the Esks had anything to do with it.

Take your lumps and stop complaining.

You miss the point. Catch or no catch, show the replay. Unfortunately the television viewers are not sitting in the stands with you.

It’s not about lumps and you’re probably correct about the catch being out of bounds. What I am saying is it would sure be nice to see it. Especially seeing as how the TV commentators are yapping about the play.
It doesn’t matter who I am cheering for, as a viewer I would expect to see a replay on an important play. They show every other replay even when nothing has happened. I find it unusual and I’m obviously not the only one.

I bet the reason they didn't show it is for the simple reason that they didn't catch it. TSN is really good for their camera work (much, MUCH better than the CBC), but they do goof from time to time. Maybe they didn't get it on camera.

No conspiracy. Think of all the times that TSN does show a closeup of a controversial play. They always do. For them to skip it this one time makes me think they didn't have it in the first place. Just think: this happened right in front of the Esk's bench. Most of the cameras in the stadium are located behind that bench, thereby obliterating the shot from most of the cameras. There's one at the south end of the stadium up along the walkway, and another at the north end, at field level.

The one at the north end probably didn't have a decent view. Probably lots of players in the way. The one at the south end could have been focused on some other player.....

There's one more camera (reverse angle) up in the stands on the east side. There were players in the way of that one, for sure.

So, maybe TSN should have had two cameras on the play. Looks like those two cameras either couldn't get a shot, or they didn't get the shot. But rest assured, if they got it, they would have played it.

It wasn't played on our jumbotron, either.

Good explanation saskesksfan! I agree.

[b]No one is crying conspiracy and you could be right about a replay not being available. As for not showing a replay because the play is not successful...that doesn't wash. How many replays do we see of dropped balls or balls thrown out of bounds etc.

If a replay was not available of course its understandable and your point is a very good one. I think we would agree though that if a replay was available they should have shown it. Successful catch or not, because the commentators were talking about it. Do you agree?[/b] :?:

Did anyone see the Gades/Als game today? The refs screwed over the gades again with a call/no call. At first they ruled montreal fumble the ball inside the ottawa 5 yard line, let the play go on, the ottawa player fumbles the ball and the gades recover, but then they huddle up and say that the original fumble was an incomplete catch. Completely horrible officiating once again.

It's unbelievable that they would go back two plays to make a call. That should never happen. What next...go back to a play in the previous quarter and start again there?

If you had any clue what you were talking about you'd know that it was at the end of the only play being talked about that they overturned the call.

did i not say it clearly? if not, then my bad.

I never quoted you? Or unless you're not talking to me lol..

Yea on the one play tho the Alouette caught the ball, was hit, fumbled, Rens recovered, then the guy started running, got hit, fumbled and Rens recovered.

I'm going by what I read on the post. I'm at work and missed the game. I guess I read it wrong and couldn't believe they'd go back two plays. Glad it wasn't the case. Oh well, I guess I'll go jump off a building because kk28 thinks I'm clueless. How can I go on. 8) [/b]

ya, that's the play. the refs totally messed it up, it was just like the argos game when they called back the touchdown.

Again we look at the replay 10 times and complain about the call.
I at first thought it was a fumble but when I saw the replay I realised we(Mtl) lucked out on the call.
Why should the refs not have thought any differently?

A few bad calls don’t really matter in a game where you got beaten by 20 points. You were licked either way. Better luck next year Gades.